Hubble, Billions of Galaxies but one Home

Earth 900 million miles away

Earth 900 million miles away

The image taken by Cassini on July 19. Saturn was back-lit by the sun, giving Cassini the opportunity to take photos of the planet’s rings.  The spacecraft was in position to also take photos of Earth from approximately 900 million miles away.  Cassini beamed the first raw images to Earth on July 20, giving a preliminary look at Earth from Saturn.

Billions of galaxies and 1000s of habitable planets, but we only inhabit Earth (for now) that small spec as seen from Saturn.

State of Texas at night

State of Texas at night

It seems that nature mimics matter in all sizes, from any creatures DNA to the cosmos threads of galaxies throughout the universe.  In this photo above taken by NASA Expedition 36 Crew, the state of Texas at night resembles this same engineering of just millions of people building,  as if you were peering into far off galaxies and their neighbors.

Hubble Space Telescope has served humanity like a Mariner explorer at sea.  Billions of galaxies and many planets discovered in the Goldilocks zone.  With the infinite options we only have one home.  This film is basically an educational, calculation of the vastness of the universe and lone occupation of Earth.  From the dawn of time, we’ve been exploring the Heavens.  Thanks to Explorer Hubble, we’ve been able to peer deep space.  Science discoveries keep advancing us every higher and the exploration of matter we plunge ever deeper where the physics of both scales reach infinity.  Understanding matter the building blocks,  will be the Holy Grail for humanity,  the engineering on a microscopic level will lead to the advancement of space travel for our backyard is measured in light years.  Nothing as close as your neighborhood drive through but working on how to travel through all that space,  we have a decent map so far,  just need a ride.

The faces accompanying Elbert Einstein at time stamp 2:00 min in the vid are,  Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei.

Video uploaded by U Tube user rightwiththeship


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