Delta 4-Heavy Rocket Spy vs Spy

delta 4 heavy rocket_3

Delta 4-Heavy with NROL-39

The 23-story-tall rocket lifted off Wednesday at 11:03 a.m. local time GMT with three main booster-rocket cores, the Delta 4-Heavy with NROL-39 is capable of putting a satellite the size of school bus into an orbit around Earth’s poles.   A bus-sized satellite can take some pretty detailed photos, and a polar orbit put’s it over every spot on the surface of the Earth relatively often,  look up and say “Cheese!” Wednesday’s launch was the second Delta 4-Heavy to fly from California.  The rocket, built by United Launch Alliance, a partnership of Boeing Co. and Lockheed Martin Corp., also has flown five times from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

Nothing is Beyond Our Reach

Nothing is Beyond Our Reach

The timing for this launch seems a bit perfect for the crisis in Syria, no details about the rocket’s spy-satellite payload was released.   So with the war drums beating loud now in the Middle East and with the British Parliament rejecting military action this week, Russia preventing any UN resolution supporting an attack, Congress out of session and polls showing public opinion against the use of force, Obama is poised for one of the boldest moves of his presidency.  Of major U.S. allies in Europe, only French President Francois Hollande has signaled willingness to join in.   This will be a Kodak moment in US history.

Also today 6/12/14 RT reports: 

A total of 13 aircraft suddenly vanished off radars for about 25 minutes on two occasions over Austria and neighboring countries, Austria’s flight safety monitor said, calling for an EU probe into the “unprecedented” incidents.

The flights vanished from air traffic controllers’ screens in Austria on June 5 and June 10 for 25 minutes each time, Marcus Pohanka of Austro Control – Austria’s flight safety organization – said Thursday.

Air traffic control in neighboring regions of Germany and the Czech Republic also reported similar problems.

Pohanka said the location, height, and identity of the 13 aircraft vanished over Austria both times, in what he called “unprecedented” incidents, AP reported.  (end report)

Now in the video at time stamp 2:47 (voice over)  “This is the MD (Mission Director) at countdown net one, today’s launch is dedicated to the brave men and women who serve for our nations freedom,  MD out.”

I’ll tell-ya man too much shaking going on all over the world, I wish mankind could find away to get along because toys like this and logo expressions of “Nothing is Beyond our Reach” I have to say what is Russia and China thinking right about now?  For you and I of normal (the public) citizens and even in other countries, what is this little monster?  You can think whatever you want, solar flares caused the blip? (THE SUN IS AT SOLAR MAXIMUM!)  Timing is everything when you don’t want someone to know, humans been at this game too long, rich but yet miserable thinking complexity of a man-made science to control what?  Another problem, for it is out of reach, too much to little too late then end game, human history.

Where did they all go?

Where did they all go?


Video uploaded by U Tube user SpaceVidsNet


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