Snoop Dogg GGN Hood News- West Fest TV

Snoop Lion

Snoop Lion

With  205,377,920 views Snoop is one of the most popular shows on You Tube, West Fest TV.  Guest on the show can kick it back and be who they want to be, you can’t do that on the Tonight Show although Johnny Carson would ride the envelope of public TV, the Double G News Team has saked all that now.  The  latest episode from Snoop Dogg with his guest on GGN.   Another very insightful episode, he will have talks of weed, hell their blowing weed!  What do you do when you wake up in the morning, how many times do you think about sex, Batman or Iron-man and the latest from the weather girl and all brought to you by The Double G News Team.

Arsenioooooooooooooooooooooo Hall stops by the GGN to talk about the return of The Arsenio Hall Show.  They also talk about Snoop’s appearance on the original show, Lil Bow Wow, Dick Van Dyke, and much more on this week’s GGN!!!!    Micheal Jackson shagged who?

Snoop Dogg

Video uploaded by U Tube user westfesttv


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