Cut the Bullshit

Cut the bullshit

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This is an interesting topic, many in life have a bad habit of lying, formulating a story to cover their ass as what we all come to know as bullshit.  Be it as the ones in power or a simple individual, this fabrication is designed in order not to get caught and being sorry for ones actions.  It’s easily uncovered by contradicting such an individual of his or her’s action which the mood of such a person is transcended to anger in order to convince you (the truth seeker) of their web of bullshit, which only spins a path to complicate the matter worse creating more lies to keep track of for themselves.  At this stage the only one convinced is the creator of such a lie until caught, but in the mean time the liar is left with only hope that the truth does not surface and creates more friction grinding against the truth until a mountain is created from a molehill that was loose dirt to begin with and is now a pile of bullshit.

Holy crap, bullshit is complicated and leaves a person on a constant defense sinking ones conscience to a new level.  Funny thing here we’re all the same, example of this dilemma is when a person is on their death-bed and time to meet your maker.  That’s right the final exit, all of a sudden a person experiences their true self for we’re responsible of our true action and what we become.  At which point if your full of shit your own dam breaks and the out flow of self pity and being sorry, an emotion that  generally helps deal with adverse situations seeking forgiveness.   Any person can spare themselves of this emotion a self-sustaining condition of bullshit by cutting the bullshit before it’s too late.  Some who are dealing with self-pity usually look outside of themselves for the source of their problems which ( you need to go to the mirror) only leads to a downward spiral of issues.   So instead of waiting not to get caught and think you’re fooling anyone, cut the bullshit and if you think about it, leads to a cleaner life, yea?

Couple of vids to go alone with this theory if some are getting mad at this point.  1st, Kathleen Taylor is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 20 years of experience.  She has worked with children in foster care, teens in the juvenile justice system, people with traumatic brain-injuries, priests awaiting ordination, people who are dying and those that love them, faith communities, coalitions, healthcare organizations and first responders.

Video uploaded by U Tube user TEDxTalks

Mike Tyson: ‘I’m on the verge

2nd, ah nice to have support in getting a word out and not so much as to hear it but you feel it, that always helps.  To take this to the next level where you want to turn altar boy for you feel your dying and the bullshit dam has busted your gut;  where even a tough guy folds.  Try real hard and be a pal, maybe go fishing with the one in friction, instead of waiting for your ghost.

Video uploaded by U Tube user Redon Ajvazi


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