World’s largest solar plant

170,000 heliostats

170,000 heliostats Ivanpah Solar Power Facility

OK looks like the solar industry has reach a tipping point meaning making it more affordable to put to work.  With the tax advantages  Wal-Mart Stores, Kohl’s, Safeway and Whole Foods Market have installed solar panels on roofs of their stores to generate electricity on a large-scale.  Also Goldman Sachs has been purchasing large amounts of land out in the desert of Nevada so far 40,000 acres.  Not long ago this land was selling for $500.00 per acre now today that same land can see a bid for $10,000.  This is why utility companies, silicon valley start-ups, European and Israeli energy firms… all are pushing hard to buy up available Western land.  This is going to be huge for the economy once all this gets rolling.  The thing here though is 85% of the land in Nevada is Federal Land, this is an expensive, labor-intensive game that requires millions of dollars (preferably tens of millions), mountains of paper work and dedicated scouts to eyeball all the potential sites.  That’s why industry experts at Emerging Energy Research of Cambridge, Mass., think “Big Solar” could become a $45 billion market over the next decade or so.

So let’s have a look, a massive solar project in the Mojave Desert will hook up to the power grid and could start supplying electricity to homes by the end of the year.  The plant has 170,000 heliostats, each with the capacity to power one home.  Some good news for a change, one of these heliostats reflects 95% of the sun’s energy, now we’re cooking and what better place to do the baking then the desert.  See Pod science will forever move us forward, one question though;  could we cook some bankers up there?

Video uploaded by U Tube user CBSNewsOnline


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