World’s First 3D Printed Metal Gun


Introducing metal 3D printing to the world as a viable solution for fully functional firearm prototypes.  Usability, durability and accuracy of DMLS as a functioning prototype or product, and this gun is a successful demonstration of each of those attributes.  Its chamber sees pressure above 20,000 psi every time it is fired proving the material integrity provided by DMLS technology. The small components needed for the 1911 series gun proves DMLS can meet tolerances and accuracy.  We’re changing people’s perspective about what 3D Printing can do and showing the technology is at a place where we can do this kind of thing and succeed.   This technology is capable of fully functioning assemblies at full-scale.

In the video you will notice the slide to hesitate mid return to battery, started with a lighter pound recoil spring and have since changed to the recommended 16 lb spring.   Also polished the surface where the back of the bullet meets the slide.  Tomorrows 500 round test should tell us if we have corrected this – please check back!

This is the future and science leads the way, first a metal gun, then engine parts, airplane parts and space which already NASA is installing a 3D printer on the ISS to help improve part availability instead of waiting for the next launch.  The future is here today and like I’ve said Pod, science does not care wait times we live in only truth and this has just changed manufacturing where life will be more affordable.  Our existence will be more pleasurable, you gotta love science.

Solid Concepts

Solid Concepts Blog

Video uploaded by U Tube user Solid Concepts Inc.

DMLS Technology

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) process.  Solid Concepts provides this additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology to produce metal prototypes and production parts in only hours.   DMLS service utilizes a wide variety of metal and alloy materials to create strong durable parts from 3D CAD data without the need of tooling.

Video uploaded by U Tube user Solid Concepts Inc.

3-D Printing on Station

Made in Space

Made in Space

Public Affairs Officer Lori Meggs interviews Niki Werkheiser, 3-D print project manager at Marshall Space Flight Center, about how the new technology may be used on the International Space Station. The printer would be the first 3-D printer in microgravity. The first printer is a demonstration test and will be installed inside the Microgravity Science Glovebox.
Tools and space parts can be printed for use on the station eliminating the need to manufacture and deliver the gear for launch aboard a cargo spacecraft. Flight controllers could upload a CAD file to the space station for printing complex parts. A crew member could then assemble the newly printed parts to build tools, repair broken gear and even assemble nano-satellites.

During future long-term missions beyond low-Earth orbit a crew will not have the benefit of deliveries from a resupply craft. The new 3-D printing technology could benefit a potential mission to an asteroid or Mars.

Video uploaded by U Tube user ReelNASA


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