Slowmotion Landings

Pilot Dynan Plane Spotting

Pilot Dynan Plane Spotting

Now this is something you defiantly don’t see everyday, aircraft landing in slowmotion.  Pilot Dynan has become one of the professional plane spotters on the planet and it started with the love of aircraft.  With the positioning of multiple camera  angles at various airports, he captures a unique view of aviation.  Also he gets his audience involved by challenging you to guess the sound of the aircraft in a segment at the end of every video. So let’s go fly with Pilot Dynan and experience some of his HD world of aviation.

From Pilot Dynan:   Footage from Copenhagen Kastup, (planes) 0:00 Icelandair / Boeing 757-300, 0:24 – SAS / Boeing 737-700, 0:40 – SAS / Airbus A340-300, 1:07 – Emirates / Boeing 777-300.  Camera: Sony SLT a57 with a Sigma 150-500mm Lens + Sigma 2X Converter (=1000mm)  Tripod: Manfrotto 546B with a 504HD head.

Video uploaded by U Tube user pilotdynan

PlaneSpotting at Princess Juliana Int’l

From Pilot Dynan: Plane spotting in the summer of 2011 at Princess Juliana Int’l, St Maarten

The Best Airport in the World

Video uploaded by U Tube user pilotdynan


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