There’s still Time

Got some Time

Got some Time

I think the central  Ukrainian people (updates) have just showed the world when people have had enough of corruption.  With that the world is also watching how strings get pulled by Russia, EU, U.S. and the people of Ukraine want it of their own.  I hope for them that it don’t turn into a Syria and that they can manage their finances, understand the country needs about 35 billion for the next 2 years to get by.  The U.S. offered 1 billion and how is that?  We’re broke and Russia said it would this week unblock the next payment of a promised $15 billion credit for Ukraine that it had earlier frozen because of the political disarray in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.  European Commissioner for Monetary and Economic Affairs, Olli Rehn, said at the meeting of G20 finance ministers in Sydney on Sunday (23.02.2014), that financial support in the billions of euros was under consideration, not just hundreds of millions.  So who will Ukraine work with and under what conditions?

Wow, what a big change coming for the people of the Ukraine and R.I.P. of those who have died in this clash of times, all because of some Jack Wagons.  Many countries around the globe are experiencing similar conflicts with their government and taking it to the streets.  Seems like the same will happen for America as time rolls on for this country, it’s at an all time low for support of the government, gee I wonder why?  You know something when looking at a country do not judge it by its government,  that’s like judging a book by its cover.  You have to look at the real people,  the ones who bust their ass for friends and family,  not the ones involved with corrupted business, politicians, law enforcement or any public official for that matter.  This is only a handful of people, that really doesn’t represent the people of a country,  just ask the Ukraine’s.

For every society around the globe there is still time to make this right, time is on your side for the simple reason younger generations get this, what is true and it’s because of you and me.

In 3 minutes what happen America?

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12 Year Old Girl

What is wrong with the world these days?  Listen to what she says and she is only 12 years old.  We are the change we wish to see, get your feet wet, roam around the Ship’s deck and welcome aboard!  This is simple and we all love something, we just need to come together on some basic human rights and needs and we’re in this together.  So for the ones around you who don’t feel this simple balance, walk away from them, stick your finger down your throat and give’em the “Green Weenie”.


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What Should Be Done?

So in your own mind and I’m talking only to the good people of the world I could care less of the ones who put a hurting onto the public, we’ll deal with you when the time comes and believe you me, that will be our call as it has in the past, reason being of sons and daughters.  This tune off the album Look at Yourself and I’ll ask, what do you see for you and your family and friends?  Help is there when you care and comes in all sizes and when you go to stack that up, something is gonna come down.

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Item 9

Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain High

This was the first time that billion dollar was used to describe the value of a crop, thousands of jobs for American workers throughout the land coming soon, once again.  Interesting to see also is Washington and Colorado are in this years Super Bowl, seems if other states want to be in the Super Dough you’ll have to legalize Item 9, now that’s one for the Kipper.   The history throughout human life has seem to existed with Hemp, the time is 8000 BC Hemp cord is found to be used in pottery of an ancient village in Taiwan.   The first writable paper appears 100 BC and invented in China.  I mean come on, for all we know this plant could have been used in the Stone Age, Hemp history.   Through our coexistence with Hemp and Cannabis the labeling of being dangerous was put upon it by the ones who feared its potential and uses, its first made mandatory to grow, it’s legal then it’s Illegal.

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Get Growing

Get Growing

So now were back to Hemp help us, well the Cannabis strain of this plant for that matter,  the economy sucks unless one is involved with the Drug War there is no recession but for the most part the world economy is no mover and shaker.  As Super Bowl kicks off you have two states that are playing that have legalized recreational Marijuana and by the looks of their sales other states need to get in on the action because their broke, get growing Detroit!  This is going to be a game changer and new money for the public as a whole,  just not for the ones who have been banning this crop for their own control and profit because lets face it the drugs still get trafficked  throughout the U.S. and many cities can’t even fix their own pot holes, the money is not shared on a level where the public benefits, only criminalized.  Do though, stay away from Heroin, Cocaine and Meth that’s a dark road that will destroy your life.

So from our history lesson, 1910 The Mexican Revolution caused an influx of Mexican immigrants who introduced the habit of recreational Marijuana into American society.  The American Indian was smoking kinnikinnick, a mix various plants,  bearberry leaves are the most common ingredient and commonly used on the Plains and in the northern part of the Eastern Woodlands, with some overlap of tobacco back in 1500.  Marijuana was introduced through Mexico, the plant is not indigenous to the states.   The most dangerous plant on Earth, Hemp, Cannabis, from no other reason than control.

Feds make first step towards hemp legalization

The United States federal government may not be ready to sanction marijuana use, but a new agriculture bill is set to legalize preliminary stages of hemp production in states that allow the practice.  According to the Associated Press, the US imported about $11.5 million in hemp products in 2011.

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Alaska to vote on pot legislation this August

Marijuana advocates in Alaska have obtained more than enough signatures to ensure voters there will have the opportunity this year to weigh-in on a measure that could legalize recreational marijuana, state officials admitted this week.

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