International Happy Day

No worries mate

“Mow” No worries mate

Now this is a concept never tried, International Happy Day.  Holy mother of Pearl are we turning a corner in society where we’re going to get along with one another?  You bet your sweet ass,  for too many people are just plain tiered of all the bullshit being manipulated in or daily lives.  You buggers in control of the secret squirrel world have nowhere to go, your stuck here with the rest of us where we all should have been working on another place to dwell, like a Twin Earth.  But no had to compete for territory the rich energy and food supported by the planet and a way to control people through laws and regulation, which many don’t follow anyway, who will serve and do the work for you.  The only master on deck of the Ship we’re on is nature herself.  If you do think you’re a master though why do you at times end up with shit on your hands when you wipe your ass?  That would not happen to a master but you could say you have someone as a toilet attendant to assist in the wiping and maybe even a good washing of your ass to remove the smell, well now then aren’t we brilliant a true master, yea right you needed help ya sparrow sack.  So no masters of the universe or town, city, state and country dwell on the planet amongst the populous.  The only real factor of control is to put that fear in the minds of people, you see this in humans when we fear a wild animal that snaps at your heel when you run, we see this in war when the losing side retreats and heads for the hills from being out numbered.  But wait, sometimes you take a stand you’re not afraid, what the hell caused that?  The many stories of a soldier storming a hill to take out a machine gun nest, the story of two soldiers and a half-track with a 50 on top take out a whole camp.  The guy who wrestles alligators and or a bear, the story of a mother who turned a car over to save her child.  Pure adrenalin, you’re focused you don’t think to care of yourself or even to be afraid.

So this whole matrix of our lives is a mind-set, do this, do that ah hell too much to think about which leaves time to feel fear or your afraid to make a move due to failure.  Yea that can bring you down Pod we thought our way out of it, like so many people say today, it’s not up to me or what can anyone do? Don’t think about it just do it, what was that, consequences?  This won’t matter only if your intention are to help and not to betray the situation, the soldier who took the hill all guns were on him and they missed.  As a whole we are all in a tough spot right now, war drums beating loud all over the planet and the financial build of our economics has become something like NASA science developed by scholars with honors like summa cum laude or  maxima cum laude (Latin, with very great honor) which is just a juloping load blown on a wall plaque.  This is a born visionary league of worship towards self, which is starting to fade like Rome.  These my friend are not end times, only a changing of the guard and it’s people as a whole from all walks of life which are starting for the first time in human history, we are feeling our heart more so than thinking with our minds.  The change is slow but steady your going to have to wait for it like a punch line or the computer does not boot and when it comes on-line, all over this planet will mark the day as International Happy Day because we won’t believe we did it.  Once again just like the soldier who stormed the hill and for him, he was the happiest man alive that waved his platoon to come on up.

So we do this peacefully because it aggravates the opposing side to see you not upset and they hang up the phone or leave the building.  Here’s one for the books instead of giving anyone the finger shake your ass cuz you’re happy!


Video uploaded by U Tube user iamOTHER


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