The messenger of End Times

The messenger of End Times


Back by popular demand fidockave213 is uploading videos once again.  He is now using a backup channel seventhvail213 which ties closer to the prophesy in the bible that he uses in his script.  He still uploads to fidockave213 and the fan base he’s created for himself was just left on the side of the road wondering what happen to the messenger (8 months of no vids) of End Times!   His style of presentation has influenced Tube users but just the same the opener of his vids with that wailing air raid  siren then the sound of sizzling light and bang the cracking of thunder,  got me to watch his first vid,  great frickin audio,  just epic.

Now that some time has passed and we look upon today’s weather events, who’s to say that all this going on is normal?  Climate change on Earth will always be a factor for any era,  just the way of the world but does offer an interesting spin on humanity for lets face it, too many humans are butt plugs who sit in public office that deface The Constitution and lie to the public about their functions. Outside of that the weather is recording biblical events of extreme weather that seem to indicate the beginning, The Book of Revelations of  Prophetic Events, many quotes used in his vids do represent this Pandora’s Box that is being unleashed on society.  As a spectator of current times we’re seeing history unfold and we have a front row seat, many have passed already (R.I.P.) do to the extreme weather and civil unrest, no sign in letting up soon.

So if you believe in GOD or not, certainly something is up.  We can’t fix climate change, she’s been doing her own thing for 4.5 billion years but we can help by eliminating many of our bad habits that contribute to pollution of Earth’s air and the water provided which is our greatest resource.  We can fix stupid like the idea of digging a nuclear waste dump near the shore of  Lake Huron  (you need to see that and sign)  that would be safe for 100,000 years?  Yeah right but many enjoy a butt plug!  Hey fidockave213 what time is it?  Ah it’s GOD’s time Sir!

On with the show,  your front row center and no ticket necessary your already here.

YouTube fidockave213

Video uploaded by U Tube user fidockave213



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