Lies and truths of a world in peril

On the dying world of Crystal Planet, TriDivers must obtain Triaxis Modules at all costs.  These rare energy sources are used to power the small mobile settlements scattered across the volcanic flood plains of the far west.
TriDivers are hunters, highwaymen, heroes.  They climb high into the mountains and venture deep into enemy territory to obtain the Triaxis modules, then dive back to earth, bringing the gift of survival to their Krell.  Helping them on each dive is their Ket, or assistant.  Opposing them is Swarm and his legions of Red Shift Riders, who use lies to control the world of Crystal Planet.

Written, directed, and animated by Ned Evett
Characters and character art by Joe Satriani
3D Chase Terrain by Simon Chavez, Jordan Van Ness, and Zach Wright
Red Ray Gun by Josh Evett
Ending voice sequence written and performed by Ned Evett
From Joe Satriani’s album “Unstoppable Momentum”.

Moral of the Story:

“Don’t feel singled out, if there is one thing I can tell you, is that you got to be sure.

Listen very, very carefully when it comes time to make the decision, it is your decision alone. Jumping is dangerous, however everything that you know that becomes from that jump, it must uphold to all scrutinizes not just mine”.

Ned Evett

Joe Satriani

Video uploaded by Official Joe Satriani Channel


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