What’s in it for Me?

Whats in it for me just help others

Was talking to a friend the other day and he mentioned all that is in the news is bad news.  Well one can’t argue that for much is going wrong, coming from all directions around the world.  Really don’t need to get into a list here for I’ve posted much of it already, right Jack Wagon!  Right with the Ship has become its own platform of not so much what is wrong (even though I make a strong point in bringing that out) but what can possibly be done.   You know the sayings, ah you can’t change the world, it is what it is, mind your own business, (my favorite when Jack Wagons are hurting others and try to slip away)  check your privilege and so on.  I’ve made a point many times in explaining your greatest accomplishments will not be your success or your money, some will never get this and hence all the bad news.  The simple matter of contributing your time for something no one asked you to do and not feel you need recognition or even $compensation$.

The world is changing, take a look all around there has never been so much revolt from every corner of the world where change in human evolution is in our face.  It always hurts to get better and no need to shy away from what is wrong, this is a slow process pulling the heads out of the Jack Wagons ass and replacing it with a butt plug so it don’t find its way back.  Just look at the Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc who had urged women not to laugh in public to “protect moral values.”  Well the guy is a laughing-stock you’ve got gals all around the world taking selfies of laughing out loud!  In Arinc’s life he will always be remembered as the guy who told women not to laugh, no matter what he does here on out.

I want my orange juice

In 1993 Emerson Fittipald wins the Indy 500 and the Brazilian refuses the traditional milk and want’s his orange juice instead, once again will always be remembered as the guy who didn’t drink the milk.

Video uploaded by U Tube user Michael McIntyre


Look at the Banksters, the “poor dears” are chewing on the end of their cigars, JP Morgan Chase came out on Twitter #Ask JPM, Oh bad idea Q&A canceled back to the drawing board.  JPM will never live this down!  And it’s just not them the public is outrage by the business practice of those involved in the sub prime lending disaster.  Remember the bail outs?  AIG announced in Jan of 2013 it would sue the US government for acting like a loan shark, oh really!  That came out over the weekend and social media went ballistic, come Monday morning the “poor dears” changed their minds.

Video uploaded by ThePuppetsCan HearYou

You do make a Difference

So the public is having a heavy impact on wrong doings like never before and it’s entertaining.  The Jack Wagons use to get away with this shit by manipulating all media outlets with false flag operations and propaganda of any corporation and government ties through society.  Today is a different monster lurking in the shallows and deep in the water and that’s the public, a new mind sync is developing that is attacking selfishness and greed the theory of what’s in for me is slowly moving to the back of the bus.  What have you done for anybody or anything that helped it along its way, instead of yourself.  You will be known for this more so than anything, well done Pod.

Video upoladed by U Tube user thailifechannel


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