Beck is Back

Jeff Beck new web site

New Beck Site

Lets move on to something really heavy instead of these candy-ass corrupted buggers.  Jeff Beck and his new backing band  of Jonathan Joseph (drums), Nicolas Meier (guitars) and Rhonda Smith (bass).   There has only been visual releases of Beck playing in small clubs, evidently Jeff has been working on a new show, who knew?   “Live In Tokyo” was filmed at the Tokyo Dome City Hall in Japan on April 9th this year and the crowed was treated to a new list of material not yet released on the up and coming new studio album which is still unnamed.

From Jeff:  “Great to be back playing with the band, load in took longer than normal.  Thanks Fender for the amps.  A few teething problems but all sorted now.  Looking forward to the Tour, everyone is sounding great.  Rhythm section is already tight and it’s only day two, wait till the cobwebs are dusted off!  Rhonda is rocking it on the Bass, Jonathan is thunder on those drums and as ever Nicolas is delight on his guitar.”

Jeff Beck

Look at the line up of frickin pedals man!

Video uploaded by U Tube user Eagle Rock


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