The Future One Way to Life

Starts with one then You

Starts with one then You

Yeap here we are heading into a New Year, hope you had a pleasant Holiday and enjoyed Christmas.  Is that politically correct?  I hope you really don’t care and can understand differences because it really doesn’t matter.  What’s going to matter is focusing on the horizon of what is possible to turn this Ship around.  I just got off the phone with my good friend Jacob (this gentleman knows how to work the condition, you’ll like the way this feels) and we touch on a heated subject of hatred, you know like police brutality where now we have an execution of two NYPD in Brooklyn.  Sad frickin story and where some are happy this act has happen, kind of like an eye for an eye.  Now since the officers killed in this execution were not involved in Ferguson do you hate the men or the act that started all this.  Seems to be these acts of hatred start with an idea and usually trained into others, hell this is how war starts you know the propaganda.  So it just might be it’s not so much the human but the training one receives, an idea that is put into place that causes all the friction.  Looking at the big picture we see the brutality, the confiscation of wealth through the banks, the toppling of nations through sanctions and isolation that we arrive at this hatred.  It’s like pining the tail on the Donkey, your blind folded so you can’t see the ass but someone said over there and you make an attempt to tag the Donkey.  Now in this respect the Donkey is either White, Black, Gay, Catholic, Muslim or Jew, etc but we have to pin someone for the explanation of hating of what one does and is associated with a group. Well if you peel away the skin you would never know would you, and ditch the books, what’s the beef?  What,  you don’t like what I like or believe and vise versa,  in reality as a whole this is all chicken shit because if we do not pull or heads from our own ass Fukushima will take care of all of us. This will be nothing short of a miracle to pull off, all lives indifference wont amount to a hill of beans if we can’t help the ocean, many think we can’t.  Life is truly dying out there in the ocean and with that (worst case scenario) all of humanity is at stake where a 50 to 90% die off can occur around 2050 and welcome to Mad Max.

Understanding one thing is understanding all, it’s all daisy chained together you have to understand you’re not that special dammit, unless you help life along its way even if you were to have all the wealth in the world and if that’s the case you never shared.  Nature herself is above the food chain, it an’t no animal and/or human, no masters here on the surface who walks the same ground, if so they could defy gravity simply.  We keep hating and go against the grain of Nature which is the one way to life, well I guess we don’t have long.  The next mass extinction event may have already begun and the post doesn’t mention Fukushima.

Since this is written on Christmas Day, here is a present we’ll have to Earn.


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