Article by Fidel: The uncertain future

Articles published by Fidel Castro Ruz,

Articles published by Fidel Castro Ruz,

“Reprinted from” (English translator was used)

In its evolution, Homo Sapiens, as a thinking being unique among millions of living species, never had idea of ​​the nature and reason for its existence. Gifted with the ability to think, was governed by severe instincts. Knew nothing of the rest of your wonderful planet. You do not even know since when has that capacity; in rare cases states that a million years ago or a little more, but it is generally considered that no more than 200,000 years.

Today it is known that the number of planets with similar appearances to our billions rises in the same galaxy where it is located ours, in what is known universe. I hope not to offend anyone by addressing the issue of what we are or think we are.

Two days ago, on October 5, the website of TV channel Russia Today, half serious disclosure, reported that Laura Mersini-Houghton, a prestigious professor at the University of North Carolina, has shown that supermassive black holes exist, and that the Big Bang theory is unfounded. This, I think, involves a trauma for many people who became such a theory in an act of faith.

The greatest authority on this subject would be the British scientist Stephen Hawking, a man of exceptional merit for their commitment to science, despite a cruel disease that made him great sacrifices to communicate with others, while still very young.

The scientists more aware of these issues are communicated and even publish their results in difficult technical terms understood by those who have not had the privilege of some familiarity with this science.

Stephen Hawking became, with the publication of “History of Time”, the author of a book on the important subject, whose sales totaled more than 10 million copies. Surely, apart from its intrinsic interest, the principal buyers were members of the community of scientists who study these important issues which now number several million eminent researchers. I will do my best to read and understand this work, when my current task related to food production in sufficient quantity and quality is a priority, and the effort still can translate into a significant benefit.

There is much to ignore and very little we know of our own ignorance.

The second copy of Hawking, “The Universe in a Nutshell”, written according to him in a more intelligible to the layman language, read and underlined many of the ideas that interested me.

Never in its evolution mankind had nor could have a clear idea of ​​their existence, because it simply did not exist simply evolved at the same pace of everything that exists. It is a reality that does not arise against anybody nor should offend anyone.

Every day we learn something new. Helping others and help where possible ourselves.

Yesterday I listened to the statements by the new Secretary General of NATO, former Prime Minister of Norway, who from the first last October, just six days ago, took office. Much hatred in the face! What an incredible effort to promote a war of extermination against the Russian Federation! Who are more extreme than the fans themselves the Islamic State? What religion do you practice? After that, you can enjoy eternal life at the right hand of the Lord?

Fidel Castro Ruz
Octubre 7 de 2014
9 y 30 p.m.


How about that Mate, I sincerely hope you can relate to this writing and that all of humanity will shift to a time line of conscience that we’re in this together, because where you going to go?  Believe this or not we’re changing and nothing will stop the evolution of man.  This is truly the beginning of the end for world conquest and the manipulation of nations, those days are numbered.  You’re seeing more and more of the older heads of state that relieses this transition.   “Helping others and help where possible ourselves.”  (those are good words)

Historic leader of the Cuban Revolution.  He has written numerous articles and books reflections on the world situation, the history of Cuba and timeliness.

More of Fidel’s articles, his home page.  Kindly read the Teams and Conditions fr Cubadebate, now that’s rightwiththeship.


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