Mr. Obvious and the Caller

The BOB   TOM Show

Some fifteen years ago The Bob and Tom Show did a skit called Mr. Obvious which gives obvious and simple advice about whatever problem the caller may have.  Mr. Obvious is played by Chick McGee.  The caller is played by Dean Metcalf.  In October 2005 a double disc CD (34 tracks) which represents original material recorded during their syndicated daily radio show and other studio numbers which had not been previously presented on air.  The Bob and Tom Show has been on the air since March 7, 1983 and syndicated nationally since January 6, 1995.  This all started at WFBQ in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Here’s one of the skits called The Cabin, these guys were genius to come up with such a spin that the caller’s issue is something that anyone else could figure out, but he cannot.  You’re a life saver Mr. Obvious.

The Bob & Tom Show

So sit back Mate and have a listen of the most comedic dual, this is radio!

Video uploaded by U Tube user Id Buy That For A Dollar!!!!


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