The Purge

The Next Morning

The Next Morning

The Purge is a 2013 American social science fiction action horror film written and directed by James DeMonaco.  The “New Founding Fathers of America”, which took over following an economic collapse and instituted totalitarian rule, has established one night a year called “The Purge” in which all crime is legal and all police, fire and medical emergency services remain unavailable for 12 hours, from 7 pm till 7 am the next day.  The purge has resulted in crime and unemployment rates plummeting to 1% and a strong economy.  Although it is thought to be used as an act of catharsis for the U.S. populace, in reality, it is used as a method of artificial population control, as the people living in poor areas are usually the main targets. (Fr Wikipedia)

Alrighty then, looking at the news around the world today it might seem this is already going on! Every country being ripped apart today are poor countries, easy target to disable government just like the old days except for Ukraine and Syria where Russia is standing in the way.  Moving out across the Pacific we have Fukushima spreading radiation through out the world, is this a mistake or by design? One has to ask that question because the whole world should drop their war habits and descend upon Japan to help with this issue it’s been four years and we’re just watching!  Next right here in the states the act of killing black people by law enforcement has sparked riots in the streets around the country and it seems in both insistence as to Ferguson and Baltimore outsiders come to town to ratchet up the situation like Ukraine, you think not, well the locals in each area pitched in to help business and clean the streets.  Also as we seen in Baltimore a mother Jap slapped her son for acting like a gangster and others stood in front of riot police facing the front line of protesters.  The public is mad as hell and have the right to protest but what’s the big picture?  What’s fueling this and the true reason behind it?  You’re going to tell me a cop wakes up one morning and decides he’s going to smoke someone?  Yeah pick on the poor, easy target right?  Well from the looks of things like Russia the public is in the way of a conditioning we’re just not swallowing.

I’ll tell ya the governments around the world seem very paranoid, with all the surveillance, monitoring your cash flow and peoples rights being striped away for what reason?  Oh I get it, you’re being closed in by population and there won’t be enough resources left for you?  The whole frickin thing has the likes of Natzie Germany written all over it, we’re even going to see military drills, “Operation Jade Helm 15”  here in the states for so called maneuvers to practice in populated areas amongst civilians to go unnoticed?

So is it that the poor are in the way?  No, for the simple reason one has a hard time advancing on this Monopoly Board if you can’t get sponsored or pay the piper and even with that, tuitions and fees are not sustainable.  The game is rigged, don’t buy into it, the fees are @ 0% for their pals and many good folks are being slapped down and busted out for easier control.  Come on Mate you’re better than that or would you like to continue playing this game?

Welcome to The Purge



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