F*ck That: Moderan Meditation

Empty out the Bullshit

Empty out the Bullshit

The F word, probably the most understood word of international language.  Just like our ideologies that are studied and mastered but someone drops the ball and the inhabitants of society get uneasy along with stressed.  Many cures for this and one being meditation, empty everything you’re thinking and breathe it out.  Now for a different twist on this, modern times have a tendency to condition for what is to come.  Several categories here, one in particular would be civil liberties being eroded by wankers like newly appointed Justice Secretary Michael Gove will push ahead with Conservative plans to repeal the Human Rights Act.  Yeah that will get the Brits stressed and one reason you would see a nation’s flag being flown upside down signifying a nation in distress.

Yes sir things have changed and with that our thought process along with it, so breath in and empty out the bullshit, you’re going to like the way you feel.

“Breathe in strength breathe out the bullshit, those assholes can’t piss all over purity like this, (state of meditation) you are weightless, timeless, without beginning or end.”


Jason Headley


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