The New Battlefield

New Battlefield the public

The New Battlefield- The Public

It’s getting harder and harder for governments to start their wars and you’re the problem.  Ever since conflicts began there has been a spark like flint to steel that ignites the event into world conflict. WWI the Lusitania is attacked, WWII Peal Harbor bomb, The Korean War kicks off when some 75,000 soldiers from the North Korean People’s Army poured across the 38th parallel. Vietnam War 1964, in Gulf of Tonkin an incident persuaded Congress to start full-scale military involvement in Vietnam but was the attack on USS destroyer Maddox a fake?   The Iraq War caused by 9/11 and we’re still sifting through that debris.  I like the concept of running down the rabbit hole, has the same spin as ‘follow the money’ and both work.  Folks today are in the war room as much as the generals and they don’t like it, I mean we’re out on the battle field filming the war along with incoming equipment by rail which shows the build up and sharing our Intel.  The public with their cameras is like the NSA on steroids which has switched the moral of people on its government aggregation towards another, you’re not buying it!

Kind of hard to get war going when you know the agenda, so studying history of such events exposes many false flags and contingencies of history written.  We examine how the pretext for the war was created with independent research, we’ve created open source intelligence.  The simple concept of sharing has changed everything, especially the market on war and it’s a market designed to profit but hits a mine field when the public uncovers illegal actions of its government and wants no part of the agenda.

The public has become General Patton, “Rommel you magnificent bastard I read your book!”



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