Online Shitstorm

Sam Delaneys News Thing

Sam Delaney’s News Thing is a different twist in our news today and for no better reason of shredding the balls of officials who continue this Bozo Circus that believe they are the grand marshal of Oz.  So as the Brits would say “get ready to shit yourself”  Bozo!

Sam realizes that the Oscars have always been racist, spin doctor Damian McBride reveals how Gordon Brown almost put tanks on the streets in 2008 and Bobby Mair finds that there’s corruption in every sport.  Featuring guests Felicity Ward, Jamie East, James Jordan and Damian McBride.

Channel “RT TV”

I have to say RT UK is on the front lines of shredding balls on corruption and making the elites shit themselves by putting them into the meat grinder; the online shitstorm!   So we’re going to roll the poor dears and this shitstorm just got started.  For the public at large around the world is an angry Rottweiler with this Bozo Circus that’s grinding society in the ground with the help of the ‘White Shoe Boys’ of Wall Street’ accompanied by their bootlickers.


Globe Backyard TV


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