How it all Probably Started

Old school days

Remember back in school there was a social level in status as we’re witnessing today.  I mean you had your school bully, class clown, wizkid, the girl everybody wanted to date and she fell for the school jock.  The class dunce and last but not least was the unpopular kids who were picked last for any team, now that’s a tough go, poor kid.  So living this in school where do all these people end up in adult life later on?  Based on an up bringing it’s not hard to see the level of self interest an adult will choose, tough on the playground one might go for sports, military or a paid strong arm.  Mastering mathematics is a direction of an engineer and\or banker, the popular kid moves on to sales, lawyer or politics.  On and on it goes from subjects studied to a personality trait formed behind a school desk.

So let’s look upon this and try to place some of the world leaders and the structure of today’s government body, what were they like as kids?

We have a lot to learn today.

Leah Ryan


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