“Limitless Possibilities”

seven billion dreams one planet

On station (ISS) has given us the chance to see ourselves, seven billion souls with individual dreams, “limitless possibilities to do great things” as quoted by former Commander Scott Kelly. Viewing Earth on-board the ISS is a unanimous experience by astronauts, that you don’t see the drama humans create along with mapped out borders.  What’s experienced is the dynamics of nature in zero G, away from home and the thing missed the most is staying seated at a table and not having your utensils or your food float away.  The isolation from the world on a ship of pressurized modules that sails around the globe every 90 mins has brought anybody who boarded her closer to us all, ask any astronaut. The creation of this film produced by NASA/JPL represented the 15th Anniversary of human presence on-board station.  A truly global endeavor, more than 200 people from 15 countries have visited the unique microgravity laboratory that has hosted more than 1,700 research investigations from researchers in more than 83 countries.

Kelly’s right, the possibilities are limitless and we’ve done many great things already, Russia’s Roscosmos (State Corporation for Space Activities) started the space architecture with the fist module in November 1998.  From there the Space Shuttle, another international achievement that flew 27 missions to finish building the largest artificial body in orbit that gave us a vantage point to see ourselves, to advance scientific knowledge and demonstrate new technologies.

You know something, we keep this up eventually we’ll understand, ‘we’re in this together’ and to move that thought process forward, mission WITT (We’re In This Together) will be introduced for an experience on-board station to size up your existence.  For those of us who find it hard to understand a balance of ‘we’re in this together’ are introduced to the edge, where if something fails you’re highly confident of your fellow-man or women for help and guidance to get back home after a long stay and fiery return.  The lesson?  welcome back for the first time of seven billion dreams and one planet.

The film editing in this clip is rendered in 720p60 HD, along with an epic sound track produced by Yanni and provided as a gift for the ISS 15th Anniversary of human presence.

“Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech.”

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Who’s The Jagoff Now?

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The judicial system in the US is out of whack and the world over, with that too many high-end officials seem to escape law and order. The trashing of the constitution is the big one next the ill respect of nuclear waste and continuing fracking that is polluting drinking water. What the hell is causing all of this and the list continues beyond the three I mentioned here, far beyond. As time goes by we see resistance to all of this and some screws get turned for the natives of society are restless. So from all the wrong doings just for the sake of money, little justice is applied but it’s so obvious at times because of public outcry we get our day in court or at least an investigation. When this happens the Jack Wagons will be posted here as who’s the Jagoff now, these people have taken advantage of the system with no regard to the planet or life but as to self, this don’t fly long and will see you here.

“I guess many felt it would be a cold day in Hell before justice was served”


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Beck is Back

Jeff Beck new web site

New Beck Site

Lets move on to something really heavy instead of these candy-ass corrupted buggers.  Jeff Beck and his new backing band  of Jonathan Joseph (drums), Nicolas Meier (guitars) and Rhonda Smith (bass).   There has only been visual releases of Beck playing in small clubs, evidently Jeff has been working on a new show, who knew?   “Live In Tokyo” was filmed at the Tokyo Dome City Hall in Japan on April 9th this year and the crowed was treated to a new list of material not yet released on the up and coming new studio album which is still unnamed.

From Jeff:  “Great to be back playing with the band, load in took longer than normal.  Thanks Fender for the amps.  A few teething problems but all sorted now.  Looking forward to the Tour, everyone is sounding great.  Rhythm section is already tight and it’s only day two, wait till the cobwebs are dusted off!  Rhonda is rocking it on the Bass, Jonathan is thunder on those drums and as ever Nicolas is delight on his guitar.”

Jeff Beck

Look at the line up of frickin pedals man!

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Lies and truths of a world in peril

On the dying world of Crystal Planet, TriDivers must obtain Triaxis Modules at all costs.  These rare energy sources are used to power the small mobile settlements scattered across the volcanic flood plains of the far west.
TriDivers are hunters, highwaymen, heroes.  They climb high into the mountains and venture deep into enemy territory to obtain the Triaxis modules, then dive back to earth, bringing the gift of survival to their Krell.  Helping them on each dive is their Ket, or assistant.  Opposing them is Swarm and his legions of Red Shift Riders, who use lies to control the world of Crystal Planet.

Written, directed, and animated by Ned Evett
Characters and character art by Joe Satriani
3D Chase Terrain by Simon Chavez, Jordan Van Ness, and Zach Wright
Red Ray Gun by Josh Evett
Ending voice sequence written and performed by Ned Evett
From Joe Satriani’s album “Unstoppable Momentum”.

Moral of the Story:

“Don’t feel singled out, if there is one thing I can tell you, is that you got to be sure.

Listen very, very carefully when it comes time to make the decision, it is your decision alone. Jumping is dangerous, however everything that you know that becomes from that jump, it must uphold to all scrutinizes not just mine”.

Ned Evett

Joe Satriani

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New Look

2009 Sept. open an account with WordPress and 1 hit was recorded, I had to look this up. After that I did not even know where this might go, but I always thought if you can feel something this makes a difference. (I learn this from no human but a dog, you can lean a lot from a dog)  That can be no truer than today with all that has gone wrong, we’re not thinking of this stuff anymore, times have changed.  Like a Band of Brothers and Sisters we’re putting what is right with the ship out in front for a better tomorrow,  at this time I would like to thank you for this site embarking on 100,000 hits.  So with that a slight make over was in order, all things change and for it to be better we have to work hard.  An old-timer told me once, there is no luck, the harder you work at something the better your luck is.

The video is from New Look the Canadian future pop duo and real life couple, Shara Ruba and Adam Pavao.

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New Look

From 1 to 100,000 this was not luck and I thank you once again and you too WordPress.
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Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs

Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs is an American band, marking the first time that American singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne has released music in collaboration with other artists within the context of a band.  Their debut album, “God Willin’ & The Creek Don’t Rise” was released in 2010.  Nominated for two Grammy awards, the album won the award for best contemporary folk album.  The song “Beg Steal or Borrow” was nominated for Song of the Year.  The band includes Eric Heywood and Greg Leisz on guitars, Jennifer Condos on bass, and Jay Bellerose on drums.  They have been working as LaMontagne’s touring band for some time.

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Live on Letterman

These takes of the band is like they were in the studio which is just amazing for a live performance, nothing but talent.

“There’s something magical that happens when these musicians play together,” says Ray LaMontagne. “ I’ve been wanting to capture what we’ve been doing live for a while.  The chemistry is really special.”

LaMontagne was inspired to quit his job and begin a career as a singer-songwriter after listening to Stephen Stills’ album  Manassas.  LaMontagne began performing in 1999, while maintaining a part-time job as a tutor.  In the summer of 1999, he recorded 10 songs for a demo album that was sent to various local music venues including Maine’s Oddfellow Theater, where he was hired as an opening act for John Gorka and Jonathan Edwards.  A business executive introduced LaMontagne to Chrysalis Music Publishing and they recorded an album and sold it to RCA Records in the USA and Echo Records in the UK.

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Ray LaMontagne Site

Henry Nearly Killed Me

Wow,  Ray has a style of Joe Cocker with that raspy voice and dipping action while singing.  Seems like his music has been around since the 70s which tells by what he was influenced by,  yes sir Ray you are of the heart land good old U.S.A.

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Jessica Frech Fun Stuff

Jessica Frech, the YouTube sensation with more than 11 million views on her channel, turns dreams into a “Reality” with her independent launch via social media networks.  The quirky, pop-folk artist is rewriting the music scene by utilizing her online fan base to not only promote her record, but they also served as its primary investors through Kickstarter.

“I still cannot believe that this whole journey started when I uploaded a funny video called ‘People of Wal-Mart’ to YouTube,” says Jessica. “Just like any other college kid, I wouldn’t have the funds to pursue this avenue and I can’t send enough thanks to those that traveled over to Kickstarter.com to give me a chance at recording a full length project.”

Jessica’s satirical songs, covers and parodies have captured fans around the globe since the release of “People of Wal-Mart,” which was recognized by Break.com as the #1 viral video for 2011.  Her videos have landed Jessica features on FOX News, Billboard, ABCNews, MSNBC, G4 “Attack of the Show,” “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and COSMO radio on SiriusXM.

From Frech:

I was challenged to write a song about the return of the NFL. I am always up for a good song challenge. Here’s my song called “Football Is My Favorite Sport”.

video uploaded by U Tube user 

People of Walmart

Jessica gained worldwide notoriety with the release of the “People of Walmart” music video on YouTube.  The comedy video features images from the People of Walmart photo blog along with an original score written by Frech.  Shortly after release, the video went viral with multi-millions of views.  The video has been featured on G4’s Attack of the Show,  Fox News, Billboard, Jimmy Fallon, AOL, and MSNBC  “People of Walmart” video gained the attention of Hyundai which hired Jessica to create two commercials for their 2011 holiday campaign.

This is the song she wrote that busted her out into the media, this can happen only on U Tube.

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Shark Week

From Frech:

This song comes from my Monday “Song Challenges” series. Every Monday I release an original song based on challenges left in the comments from the previous week.

Between recording, filming, and shark week it was hard to get this challenge done. Luckily, this week’s song is about shark week and I could use “watching The Great White Invasion” as an excuse to study up on the song topic. Hope you had a Happy Shark Week!

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On December 18, 2011 Frech started a Kickstarter Campaign  to fund her first full-length album “Reality”. The original goal of $8,000 was met in less than 72 hrs.  On February 5, 2012 the project was successfully funded by 718 backers pledging a total of $28,938.

Jessica joined the second annual national DigiTour for two shows in Houston, TX on March 15, 2012  and Dallas, TX on March 16, 2012 .

Frech’s first full length album “Reality” was released on March 20, 2012. The album features a total of 12 songs. One track, “I Tried to Die Young”,  features rock legend Melanie Safka.



Assistant Director

Art Director


Hair & Makeup


Craft Services

Video Editor/Color Correction

Alien Woman – Jessica Frech
Human Man – Preston Letherman
Alien Boy 1 -Justin Frech
Alien Boy 2 – Liam Williams
Child Painting – Mallory Thomas
Water Gun Boy 1 – Milo Logan
Water Gun Boy 2 – Zach Thomas
Child Drawing – Briley Thomas
Child Eating – Shelby Thomas
Gym Man 1 – Ryan Walters
Gym Man 2 – Darrin Dickerson
Gym Man 3 – Robert Facelli Jr.
Gym Woman 1 – Rochelle Dunn

Jessica Frech Site

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The Band Everest

Times are changing for L.A. rockers Everest, and to them it might feel like “Rapture.” The quintet, which burst on the scene in 2008 with “Ghost Notes” on Neil Young’s Vapor Records and followed it up in ’10 with “On Approach” on Warner, has parted ways with the major label for its third album.  “Ownerless” will arrive June 26 via ATO Records, and it expands the quintet’s sonic palette significantly.

The band — Russell Pollard,  Jason Soda,  Joel Graves and Elijah Thomson,  with drummer Davey Latter having departed — still flexes its muscles as purveyors of arching roots-rock, as the anthemic “Into the Grey” (previewed last year) attests.  But Everest’s recording sessions with producers Richard Swift and Rob Schnapf (who helmed “On Approach”) also yielded material with harder edges, as well as songs propelled by free-spirited experimentation.  The album’s lead-off track, “Rapture,” wastes no time cutting to the quick.

When I first saw this performance I thought Wow!  Pete Townshend The 2nd (Russell Pollard)  Rock is not dead!  At time stamp 2:55 on the vid these boys’ light it!  Enjoy this song.

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From Everest site:

The concept of ownership has such a weird place in our culture.  Too much of the time, ownership is talked about in relation to “owning up” to something—which is usually admitting a mistake or stepping up to a lie.  Meanwhile, getting “owned” is generally tantamount to having your ass handed to you, which is almost never a good thing.  In bygone eras, ownership was often a term used only in relation to the buying of land (which almost no one can afford to do these days) or, in some cases, the “taking” of a wife (yikes).

These days, a generation raised on after-school specials and healthy doses of therapy-speak recognize that ownership is often about control—as in, taking control of one’s own messy, crazy life, or assuming ownership over one’s problems (because they are usually your own damned fault).  So what does it mean to be ownerless?  If you are a band from Los Angeles called Everest, being ownerless represents a kind of creative freedom the likes of which you have never known before, a feeling that propels you to create some of the finest rock music of your career.  You feel this sublime sense of liberation so strongly that you decide to call your excellent new album Ownerless.

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Everest Site

Mike Dawes Fingerstyle Guitarists

From Mike Dawes web site:

Mike Dawes has helped spearhead the current wave of UK fingerstyle guitarists.

Years of collaboration and touring have provided him with a unique and varied approach to performance, utilising all aspects of the guitar to reference celtic, jazz, rock, and experimental music.

Mike’s debut single with CandyRat Records went viral instantly, with the likes of Gotye, Andy Mckee and Eric Whitacre reposting the video.  Mike takes an active interest in his audience, frequently teaching fans from his Facebook page over Skype.

Now how cool is that,  getting guitar lessons from Dawes on fingerstyle.

‘Astounding Virtuosity’ – Gotye

‘Incredible’ – International Guitar Foundation

‘Mike tears it right up, his hand looks like a creepy spider!’ – Andy Mckee

‘Beautiful and sensitively played arrangements and compositions’ – Acoustic Magazine

Since discovering the music of Pierre Bensusan at an early age, Mike has been completely dedicated to the guitar (along with the more obscure music that comes with it)

Currently residing in the South of England, Mike has been stunning audiences and critics with his guitar playing since 2008. His music often defies description, taking influence from Celtic, Rock, World and Popular music.

Mike Dawes site

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