Grassley Calls on FBI/DOJ to Investigate False Statements

Charles E. Grassley Chairman Committee on the Judiciary has referred an individual to the FBI/DOJ for criminal investigation after for potential ‘materially false statements’ about US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  “When individuals provide fabricated allegations to the Committee, diverting Committee resources during time-sensitive investigations, it materially impedes our work.”

Such acts are not only unfair; they are potentially illegal.  It is illegal to make materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements to Congressional investigators.  It is illegal to obstruct Committee investigations.

2018-09-29 Grassley to DOJ, FBI – Referral for Criminal Investigation – Uploaded by Zerohedge Janitor

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Q chimes in with, “The Truth is Right in Front of You”

Q Link – start time 1:02:40 to 1:03:35

The Real Reason to Stop Kavanaugh, define Treason.

I had trouble with YT link myself!  So let’s go to the original, it’s the video Q linked to on Twitter.

Red October

It’s a Sham and a damn shame for the establishment.  What will come to light from this circus is either false accusations and someone is lying.  The bottom line is America is tired of a corrupted government to push an agenda in either parties favor for power and cares not what person and\or persons are sacrificed.  This will expose more than just Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh, where the US Congress has become too polarized to even govern.


Update: 10/1/18 Red October


CIA – 71st Birthday Gets Trolled on Twitter

CIA – Celebrating 71st Birthday on Twitter

Let’s see how this Trolls on Twitter

QAnons Respond

Skull and Bones Men= Some CIA Members, one in particular was Prescott Bush


– Symbol of our passing mortality
– Reminder of how quickly time passes, so you should “Seize the Day” as we will be dead soon
– Call to enjoy life
– Though death will come, we will survive death
– We are death and we are life, we are an eternal god in this moment (and every moment) dreaming that we are alive on earth.  The god is the reality, the life here on earth is the dream.

JFK on Secret Societies

Congressmen Albert Thomas, winks at smiling LBJ, after being sworn in. (job well done)

English traslation from pic below – “Who was the fool, who the wise man, beggar or king?  Whether poor or rich, all’s the same in death.”

What does that mean?  This is first a reference to the fact that we are all equal in life, and equal in death as well.  Second it teaches that you will live many lives, because you are an eternal deity living in heaven, dreaming of these temporary lives.  YOU are the fool, YOU are the wise man, YOU are the beggar and YOU are the king! However, since none of these lives are permanent, none of them are real.  The only thing that is real is your eternal reincarnating soul.

9/11/18 Q=17

It’s the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attack and this time around we have Q which is the 17th, letter in the alphabet.  Been compiling this all day and first it started at 5:00 AM with the Chicago Tribune and to my amazement the front page didn’t even mention the anniversary except for the date of the paper.

So I went on twitter to see what was up with the Trib.

“Darth Vader (LOL) is now gone.” After Mayor Rahm Emanuel decides against a bid for a third term, Chicago aldermen ponder the future of city politics and leadership. Ah, get out why you can card.

7:24 AM EST POTUS tweets – “Departing Washington, D.C. to attend a Flight 93 September 11th Memorial Service in Shanksville, Pennsylvania with Melania”

Sad day America, God Bless

To help ya feel better, POTUS makes a Proclamation on Patriot Day

OK, it’s Q Time

But first, Thank You Baker and Anons

I see and feel Q People as to why I’ve been here, I knew this day would come.

And now it’s Time

A moment with our Military for without them none of this could have happened!

Do yourself a favor and research the Boards, interaction is everything.

This scenario was deliberately engineered.

Where We Were Headed –  Gold Heist, Pentagon missing 2.3 Trillion, Insurance and Trading Fraud of Shorts, Start War in Iraq and America to lose her Freedom thanks to the crime syndicate of Clinton and Bush.  After the dust settles the crime spree continues with the Obama administration to tidy up following Hillary, to be the closer.

They (the deep state) thought she would never lose.

The reason The Donald came on Deck!

That face when you know the team is winning!

Wow! Update 9/12/18 the Anons of The Great Awaking on Reddit have just been banned!

Why all the Generals in the Trump Administration?  Because only the Military can save its country from a coup.

Reddit Anons have assisted Q in this fight!

The truth was never to be known.

Hence The Storm

What happens when one commits treason?

Pain is Coming

Just Do It


Q post about FISA

FISAGATE in theaters soon.

The Pope is not Happy

Q – Contagion on the run?

That’s a hell of a day, running hard!

Timing is everything Alice

Two Steps From Hell has been with us the entire voyage.  All hands on Deck!


Kris Paronto – “Tanto” as he is affectionately known in security contracting circles – is a former Army Ranger from 2nd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment and private security contractor who has deployed throughout South America, Central America, the Middle East and North Africa.  He also worked with the US Government’s Global Response Staff conducting low profile security in high threat environments throughout the world.  He served 4 years in the US Army and an additional 4 years in the US Army National Guard reached the rank of Sergeant then becoming a commissioned officer in 2003. He started contracting for Blackwater Security Consulting in 2003 and continued to deploy on various security contracts, to include the Global Response Staff until 2013.

Former President Barack Obama on Friday (9/7/18) told students and others gathered at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign that “Congress has championed the unwinding of campaign finance laws to give billionaires out-sized influence over our politics; systemically attacked voting rights to make it harder for the young people, the minorities, and the poor to vote.

Handed out tax cuts without regard to deficits.  Slashed the safety net wherever it could.  Cast dozens of votes to take away health insurance from ordinary Americans.  Embraced wild conspiracy theories, like those surrounding Benghazi, or my birth certificate.” (end Barry)

From Judaical Watch: The attack was planned ten or more days prior on approximately 01 September 2012.  A Defense Department document from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), dated September 12, 2012, the day after the Benghazi attack, details that the attack on the compound had been carefully planned by the BOCAR terrorist group “to kill as many Americans as possible.”  The document was sent to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Obama White House National Security Council.

Well Barry, Tanto who was in Benghazi at the time responded to your conspiracy thought.  #RLTW= Rangers Lead The Way

On second thought Barry

Get the popcorn popping because here comes the real show of betrayal of ‘Bad State Actors’ who stiffed a nation and her People.

9/11 Will Ring in Memories of Nuremberg Trials

Time is ticking and running short for bad state actors in The United States.  Lindsay Graham – Drilling down on established law concerning what happens to enemy combatants who colluded with enemies of the state.  Today, during judge Kavanaugh’s hearing, Lindsey Graham doubled down to make it clear to all deep State actors and those who have helped foreign terrorist that they will be tried via Military Court, not Criminal Court.

President Trump specified during his first state of the union speech about how enemy combatants are those who fund, aid and assist our foreign enemies.  This is why the Trump administration receives so much blowback.  With the plan to restore the United States Justice many will be hauled off to jail, Guantanamo, execution and\or suicide.  Collusion with the enemy that harmed National Security.  National Security is also the citizens (harm to the public) of The United States which will sweep through all levels of government, no one is above the law.  This was tried and now has failed in a panic mode to even try to disrupt a nomination hearing of a judge for the Supreme Court, who upholds The United States Constitution.  Those words turn the enemies’ gut that hates America.

This segment of the hearing has already been pulled twice in one day from YouTube. (archive this video it will be gone and reappear)  Kindly review this entire segment with Senator Graham for the start timestamp pertains to this article.  Interesting how YouTube censors videos at which point YouTube is liable for actions against community guidelines of We The People.

When this gets pulled again go to the peoples’ source of live government coverage which is C-Span –

Tic-Tock – I’d be careful this time YouTube, you might drag someone with you.

The Awaking from around the world and Q has mentioned reddit QAnons on several occasions for their contribution.

The modern military justice system was constituted by the enactment of the UCMJ in 1951 and the enactment of 28 U.S.C. § 1259, in 1983, giving the Supreme Court appellate authority over the CAAF)  So, Bamzai argued, the mere fact that a statute purports to create a “court” does not, by its words alone, make it a court that exercises judicial power in the sense intended by Article III. In essence, he wanted the court to assert, at least with respect to tribunals created to work within other Branches, that “it is substance, not form, that matters” as the defining characteristics of a court.

Like Paul Harvey would say “the rest of the story” as to why Judge Kavanaugh is already taking flak, must be over the target in order for that to happen.

Ghost Brigades are marching, boots on the ground!

Sovereignty is The Target

The stage is set and what a show!  Nothing better than a whining toddler who can’t get what he and\or she wants, where the kicking and screaming escalates until Mom gives in.  Only in this case it’s an agenda to remove man’s faith in GOD and to stop any collective thought that challenges Deep State Shadow governments around the world.  The idea is to get the populace to turn on itself and to mechanize a structure of justice where Statesmen are not held accountable.  Martin Armstrong produces a baker’s dozen in his post, ‘Connecting The Dots behind The Curtain’.  “Here’s what it looks like when all the pieces are sewn together.  It smells like conspiracy and treason.  Everyone needs to read this.  Slowly, and patiently, because it’s very important…”

Like Einstein would say, “with a watch, there is a watchmaker”.  This fact is glaringly obvious to the majority of Americans, which is why the ratings of conspiracy networks like CNN and MSNBC are at an all-time low as they continue to push out propaganda to their viewers.  More and more people are beginning to wake up from the media’s trance as the truth is finally revealed.  One of these moments is ObamaGate.   How do you get a justice system to work in your favor?  President Obama was the first President for whom nontraditional nominees comprised a majority 69.0% of all those he appointed as circuit court judges.

Next, this Matrix of hate enters the heart of normal men who get beat down by men who want to own and control a nation.  “Kill Whitey, South Africa”  If the colors were reversed, the Leftist of the world, such as former UN Ambassador Samantha Power and Susan Rice, former Obama advisor, would be screaming “bloody murder” at the top of their lungs and protesting in the streets, and yet, they are not.  So what starts such hatred?  The Dutch Boers and the British arrived in Southern Africa in 1620, and they gradually spread inland, taking possession of a virtually empty land, as the first permanent settlement was built by the Dutch in 1652.  Historical revisionism notwithstanding, one-hundred and fifty years passed before the first significant encounters occurred between whites and blacks when Boers moving north clashed with Zulus moving south. Today’s white South Africans can rightfully claim South Africa to be their ancestral home, and if they wish, they would be right to stand and fight to retain their homes and their land.

Diamond and gold discoveries played an important part in the growth of the early South African economy.  In 1868, the Republic attempted to annex areas near newly discovered diamond fields, drawing protests from the nearby British colonial government.  These annexations later led to the First Boer War of 1880-1881.  Africa is the world’s largest producer of chrome, manganese, platinum, vanadium and vermiculite.  It is the second largest producer of ilmenite, palladium, rutile and zirconium.  It is also the world’s third largest coal exporter.  South Africa is also a huge producer of iron ore.

You can see where this is going, not only greedy men (color does not matter) have been a plague on South Africa but once money is thrown into the mix a government becomes corrupt.  Remove a man’s Sovereignty and treat him like a slave using a force of fear does not necessarily reduce the man to just skin but creates a man who thirst for freedom and will grow stronger.  The spirit in many men of any color is a hunter and when this spirit is poked by abuse this beast shows itself.  Don’t believe me?  Just look at that lion’s face!  The hunter becomes the hunted!

Time for The Spin Doctor

Fourth of July Boom!

Happy 4th Patriots, in this post we first have to go back to the UN General Assembly on September 28th, 2015, where President Vladimir Putin had been absent from the UN assembly for 10 years. “One cannot help but ask those who created such a situation.  Do you now realize what you have done?  But I’m afraid that no one is going to answer that; as politics based on self-conceit, impunity, and beliefs in exceptionalism is not easily abandoned.”  Two days later Patton, I mean Putin, unleashed Hell on ISIS.

Putin made it clear to the world that the inhabitants were under siege!  A communist New World Order controlled by fortune families, Deep State statesmen and globalist corporations had become so evil a dark cloud reigned over the world.

Heaven and Earth from Hell – Two Steps

In America at the time our country was under a coup for decades, we knew this when JFK was assassinated.  Hell, take it back to 1913 the inception of The Fed!  Andrew Jackson warned US of this!  The Constitution was slowly being shredded and civilian rights thrown under a bus. (I’m living it with Sheriff Doran and Company)  The uniform that represents the honor of Serve and Protects was being decimated and Generals of the military were being scraped who held fast to the Honor of Country.  The only hope for a nation at this point is The Military overthrows it’s government and it did!  She lost!  No one thought Hilary Clinton could lose and so it begins, the draining of The Swamp!

Swamp creatures are a tough bunch but that’s just it, as a group the strength in numbers holding high office in government made it possible to manipulate law and order.  But from my own experience of the challenge one on one, they pick on the weak and venerable.  Dark money made this game as The Wheel of Fortune who participated and turned their back on America and hate this country!  One example is the Democratic Party believes in Communism, it’s true this party has been infested!  7/2/18 – Multiple Democratic Socialists of America leaders endorse Communism.  The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) recently got a major boost when one of their endorsed candidates, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, beat out incumbent Democrat Rep. Joe Crowley in a primary last Tuesday for New York’s 14th Congressional District.  DNC Chair Tom Perez proudly declares Socialist Ocasio-Cortez is “the future of our party!”

Read history where we find socialism never worked for any country.

Now that the Democrats have identified themselves with Communism we also find the US Chamber of Commerce Oppose of Trump Trade Policies along with EU and China who are teaming up against the mission of MAGA.  The EU leaders in Brussels are Commies Too?  Or happy being Socialist?  What’s the difference?
On Monday, (6/25/18) European Union leaders (Brussels) announced that officials from the EU and China were coming together to strengthen and protect their international trade relations from Trump’s “America First” agenda.

Jyrki Katainen, the vice-president of the EU’s ruling and unelected European Commission, said during an interview aired on CNBC Monday morning, “I feel really we are making progress.  Both China and the EU believes in multilateralism and a rules-based world order.”
Katainen’s “rules-based world order” is a soft-sounding label given by globalists to the new world order.

Alrighty then, since the globalist are teaming up let’s have a look at the FTSE 100 index (Financial Times Stock Exchange) aka Footsie, the 100 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.

From London, we move over to the powerhouse of China.

The Yuan

The Hang Seng

6/26/18 – China’s Think Tank Leaked Concern of Panic- National Institution for Finance & Development

“We think China is currently very likely to see a financial panic,” NIFD said in the study, which appeared briefly on the Internet on Monday, before being removed. The think tank concluded that China’s State Council should be ready to implement any market support measures in coordination with the central bank and other regulators.

7/2/18 – The US Chamber of Commerce opposed to President Trump’s trade war since before Trump even won the Republican nomination. Back in March 2016, CoC President Tom Donohue warned that Trump “would be impeached” if he followed through with his threats of slapping tariffs on China and Mexico.  Now, more than two years later, the chamber which bills itself as the largest interest group representing US businesses (if that’s the case how did we lose our manufacturing) is launching an all-out offensive to oppose Trump’s trade policies.

Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue – a top lobbyist for the pro-corporate-power Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)  As Paul Harvey would say, “and that’s the rest of the story.”

This gets even funnier from the board, it will be rewarding!  Q drop 1675 Anon #2016773 clue, “He’s just Trolling” 🙂

OK, on to the 470 staff, a significant number of whom are lawyers, auditors, and investigators who may exercise wide discretion on matters under their jurisdiction.  If the Inspector General finds evidence of criminal wrongdoing, he may refer it to a United States Attorney who can then convene a grand jury or take other appropriate actions.  This action will happen because as of today the sealed indictments on file number is 40,483!  So who is the US Attorney being referred to here?  Huber- U.S. attorneys and their assistant attorneys serve as the principal federal litigators under the U.S. attorney general. The mission of this position is to conduct trial work in which the United States is a party.  Yes, US Attorney John Huber can file across all 50 states.  Utah is The MOAB!

Time for Bed, I mean Bread!

A Baker’s Dozen

From Q and The Anons

Research Awan

QAnons – The 4th of July

Take your seats Ladies and Gentlemen

Trolling is Fun – After having confiscated their permanent chair at the National Security Council from the president of the chiefs of staff and the director of the CIA, he gave the order to cease support for the jihadists. Progressively, we saw Al-Qaeda and Daesh lose ground. This policy continues today with the withdrawal of US support for the jihadists in Southern Syria. From now on, they no longer form private armies, but only scattered groups which are used for occasional terrorist actions.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (R) and US President Donald Trump take a seat during a working dinner meeting at the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) headquarters in Brussels on May 25, 2017, during a NATO summit.

One day we’ll look back on all of this and think, I lived it and was there front and center!  In the meantime kindly take your seats and enjoy The Show!

Time for that trigger, ‘The Donald’, this is The ‘Tippy-Top’

And by the way, who is Q?  Would you think one of the major MSM  journalists would ask Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee?

Happy 4th of July Patriots

Think less of self in order to understand everything else.


OIG Report Will Spread into The Night

The IG Report will spread around the world into the night.  But I can already tell you that an Executive Order needs to be signed to release the unredacted version.  The whole process of this (on-going) is to remove Deep State actors of the Shadow Government from the CIA, FBI, DOJ and the United States Judicial System that include Federal prosecutors and judges from in and around the halls of justice.  Some still exist but this has to happen before justice can be served or it gets held up in courts with the word Smiths.

Q drops on The IG Report (RR is Rod Rosenstein)

As time goes by this will go deeper than Hilary’s e-mails.  For nearly eight years, the Obama administration sought to cover up serial wrongdoing by waging a veritable war against the watchdog inspectors general of various federal agencies.  In 2014, 47 of the nation’s 73 inspectors general signed a letter alleging that Obama had stonewalled their “ability to conduct our work thoroughly, independently, and in a timely manner.”  In reality, though these bad actors have been with us since inception of The Fed (1913) manipulating and buying weak players in government which spread to hometown law enforcement.

Hilary’s e-mails and investigation of the 2016 election is just the tip of an Iceberg, data and cash go missing!

United States Codes

WASHINGTON – U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is adding more than 300 new prosecutors around the nation to fight the opioid epidemic, violent crime and immigration violations.  Ah, there is also a need in processing over 35,000 sealed indictments!  Not familiar with  This backup will help.

OIG Report

In other words shit has hit the fan!  In a case such as this you have no friends when heat is coming down on you so a bird will sing.  The loyalty was connections with Banks, Statesmen, judges, attorneys, law enforcement, doctors, coroner and anyone who could fudge the rubber stamp of approval and be bought with money.  Oh, we have a lot of takers!

Here’s to passing the Kleenex and losing sleep!  As the night shift kicks in and the Daily Wire points out 12 key elements thus-far.  Future prediction, US Attorney Huber coming in with indictments for a swath of Obama cronies right before the November elections.

Q mentions e-mails (JC=Comey and EC is Eric Schmidt Executive Chairman of Google 2001 to Dec 21st 2017, he stepped down?)

Q future proves past

Barry, you got mail

Like I mentioned an unredacted copy of the IG report and here is the Petition

Join Greg Hunter over the target as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Dave Janda, host of the “Operation Freedom” radio show.


POTUS Birthday Today

I’ve Come to Ask Questions of Honor

In seeking the truth in your own life I’m sure you have (the greatest) an advisor?  To simplify truth from lies we’ll use the two sides of a coin and some have noticed a coin has a 3rd side which is the edge.  The two basic sided of a coin will be referred to as one side is Good and the other side Evil.  The 3rd side of a coin is the edge as noticed, but in order for a coin to remain on its edge, you need to spin the coin.  As the inertia from the spin winds down she’ll fall to one side or the other.  In the mystery of criminal conspiracy, the spin needs to be applied in order to cover the truth.  When I was a young boy my father came to me and asked, “Son, I’m going to ask you a question and before you answer I already know of what I’m asking of you so don’t lie to me.  If you lie to me I can’t help you.”  Like I mentioned who is your greatest advisor?

The FBI and law-enforcement, in general, have taken a beating because of criminal conspiracies that plague the U.S…  I found this to be true from my own experience but I wondered how deep the rabbit hole goes?  I asked a credible advisor who works closely with law-enforcement, the question was what do you think the level of corruption is? His reply was 50% in some precincts.  I didn’t want to believe that level of dishonor in the force but what extends that level is a code of silence among officers (Code Blue) and in turn makes one an accessory of a crime which extends this level of dishonor.  This is a nightmare for offices who stay silent, the pressure of losing a pension, no back-up when needed, demotion instead of promotion and where his or her life becomes a living Hell, your conscience eats you alive.

I have the greatest respect for Men and Women who wear a uniform, it represents the honor and respect of protecting our nation from foreign and domestic enemies when home or abroad fighting in a war.  Their pride and sacrifice are honored during this Memorial Day, but this should not be a one-day observance.   As civilians, it is our duty to maintain a steady hand on the rudder keeping our society our home on a ‘True North Course’.  For when our Men and Women in uniform are combing the streets or away from home they know deep down inside that we have their six!  So when they retire from a days work or return from war the welcoming is warm and the rest is easy.  Of the ones who do not return from a days shift or a front-line battle in a war, their sacrifice was not in vain.  We make this so as being patriots representing great support of Pride, Respect and Honor.

Well, that support is here and it starts with a solider reshaping the playing field.  Godspeed

We got your 6 and the AG Sessions is not playing games when our soldiers are away from home.  Sessions’ March 29 letter explains, the inspector general’s jurisdiction to conduct civil and criminal investigations includes “actions taken by former employees after they have left government service.” Then Huber can act on any of those matters.


Q mentioned something about a MOAB

Utah is that MOAB

QAnon comment on the MOAB (when we’re on the board and you’re a White Hat it shows, we’re all QAnons)

The meaning of – ‘This is not a Game’

Rank And File FBI Agents “Sickened”  Where we also learn the spin (3rd side of a coin) coming from MSM

MSM Raided?

Interesting News Day May, 23rd

Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs is continuing its oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Page 1

Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Page 2

Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Page 3

Dear GOD, The World is Watching, Defend us in Battle, Bless those who have fallen in our endeavor and send us your Ironwing, Amen


In Honor of our Fathers

‘Where We Go 1 We Go All’

‘We The People’ honor our Fathers this Memorial Day, who geared up for war to fight!  It’s up to the civilians to guide our country on a ‘True North Course’ while they are serving our country away from home.  For the Service Men and Women who have fallen it’s even more important we guide our ship!

No one person is above the other.

The Ship gets noticed and Patriots are showing up by the thousands every day!  The one eye, who uses this?  Why is this relevant?  I’ve compromised their own tactic, symbolism will be their downfall.  ‘The White Hat One Eye’

QAnons Onboard

The Power of Transparency

What Time is it Sir? (Admiral Rogers)

Q has mentioned that ‘We The People’ have forgotten how to fight.  Well, with the help of some ‘Word Smiths’ and a particular corporation we have two strategically thought-out Petitions to review.

1. 2018 End The Fed:  Website to review.

The White House Petition to Sign

2. Internet Bill of Rights:  AT&T is committed to an open internet.

White House Petition to Sign

Thanks Mate