One home for Now

One home for Now

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Speaking of home, how about you, what’s the most significant element in your life?  If your answer was the Earth,  you my friend are way ahead of the curve.  Any other answer than Earth will not hold water for this is the base support of all life.  Odd how life has two sexes and yet Earth is all alone in the cold deep dark vastness of space barely making contact with other planets.  All alone but yet supporting each and everything that dwells on the surface and in the waters.  I truly believe that once man sees himself no more significant than a Tree Frog, that races and all religions might find a way to get along. Until then pat the Old Earth on the ground and say thanks, friend, thanks for letting us in trying to get along and the support of such an attempt.  For in my own life, I know many humans who are less significant than a tree.  We must learn a new science, “The Balance” all things, we’re in this together will lead to more value.

I felt something the Earth said when alone in a field with a dog, “you couldn’t be me, even if you wanted to.”

Thanks, Mate, I’ll remember that and you have my respect.


Martin Heck


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