Budweiser Horse Love Super Bowl XLIII Commercial and Two Friends

You know I have read where an animal has no soul, well I tell you this is not true.

I had a Yellow Lab by the name of Dutch and the neighbor across the creek from me owned a Doberman named Kain the story goes like this. The two of them became great friends at any point if one would see the other they would be at the door barking to get out or in.  This would also go on at the neighbor’s house the two them would run that creek bed share their bones, food, water bowl any toy and anything. I always knew where to find Dutch it became a no brainer he was out in the field or across the creek and always with Kain. Even the neighbor would come over to bring Kain home but he never mind either these two were inseparable.

Well as with any thing there is change and one day Dutch got run over out on the highway the farmer always told me that  road had taken many dogs even two of his own, he lived across the road. Ah hell you want a talk about having your heart sink into your boot I was sunk but what are you going to do? Too late damage done. I can remember bringing out the lawn tractor pulling the dump wagon to get him off the side of the road. I almost could not lift him any other time I could pick Dutch right up it is true what they say about dead weight, hard to lift because of no muscle  support like when your alive.  I got him in the dump wagon and drove him down to the shed where I put him in an army duffel bag so the bugs and other animals could not get to him. I’ll bury  you in the morning buddy and I closed the shed doors.

I did not sleep that night and even Kain came up to house as I sat outside on the porch steps and told him as if he was human as to what happen to his best friend. I let him in on the porch and into the house because he did not understand what happen to Dutch. Guess I should have taken him down to the shed but it was hard enough to see him not giving up on the whole idea that Dutch was gone from this world. I did not see Kain for a couple of days after that and when I did we would always go through the same routine. I felt bad for him and it was one day where I was in my office at home and saw Kain out of the window walking through the yard, he stop in the middle and was looking over to the other neighbor’s yard. What I saw will forever change my mind about animals, they had visitors over and had a Yellow Lab with them Kain’s head stretched out and he started to run over there for he thought the dog was Dutch I could tell this just by his actions. When he got half way through the other yard Kain stopped his head held high and this boy was sniffing I froze in the window because what I witness broke my heat.

Kain had realized that the Yellow Lab was not Dutch, his head lowered and I mean lowered, turn slowly and headed back home with his head Down! Wow the tears stared falling down my face I would have never believed it if I had not seen it but he was as sad as I was about our buddy. A couple of days passed and Kain’s owner came over and asked if I had seen him? I had not but would keep a look out for him. Well guess what Kain never came back home I feel that this dog went looking for his buddy like you or I would if not understanding death, damn I should have taking him down to the shed that night.

That Dog had more Soul then several humans I know!


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Budweiser Clydesdale Team Commercial

Sometimes in the advertising world its hard to get a point across but here in this AD, Bud gives you a taste of what you can be if you pull and push your limits and Oh Ya we all need that coach!

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