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One of the family members daughter (Catie) who is 10 years old ask me the other day, “Is the world going to end on Dec 21st 2012?  I’m scared because I’ll be 11 in Dec and I don’t want to die”.  I know in my life I will never be asked such a hard question and especially coming from such innocence of a child.  Man I had to catch my breath,  OK lets look at this from the views of science and religion I said.  First I asked where did you hear this?  She answered from other kids at school talking about the Mayan Calender, stop right there!

First off at no point do the Mayan’s speck that the world is going to end nor is it written. There is a lot of skepticism on this because people jump to conclusions instead of studying such myths.  The Mayans where great astronomers of their time, with that they created a Long Count Calender (used for inscriptions, stone writing)  that extends 26,000 years and is divided into 1/5 which equal 5,200 years.

 They were able to calculate ahead of time to the Galactic shift which is the alignment of our sun to the Galactic Equator that our sun will rise on this plane, a 26,000 year cycle.  No one really knows what is the true significance of a recurring 1,872,000 day cycle (5200 years) as a whole?  The Maya did not leave instructions of the use of their calendar.  Just so happens the end date on this calendar is 2012 and this end date is not accurate it may be off by several years.

For a start date of the Long Count Calender the Maya chose August 11th, 3114 B.C.  We are told by most textbooks that history began around 3000 B.C. in Mesopotamia (which is now Iraq) . This is a generally accepted approximate date for the Early Dynasty period of the Sumerians, the first of several civilizations in Mesopotamia.  All the traits of high civilization appeared there almost simultaneously; the wheel, metallurgy, astrology, astronomy, calendars, taxation, bookkeeping, and an organized priesthood. One very important Sumerian development, that archaeologists and historians date to the late fourth millennium (close to 3100 B.C.), was the writing of texts.

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Now a look at Religion, God was never born, He has always existed no one created Him either, the Bible says He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, He is everlasting to everlasting, that He had no beginning and no end. If you are referring to Jesus, historians believe that He was born in late September around the time of the Jewish Feast of Trumpets. (4,5,6 B.C.) When Rome declared Christianity the Religion of the land, Dec. 25th was just a date chosen because it coincided with the pagan winter festival.  In the Book of Revelations, it does not give an end date.

Just remember, Dog is GOD spelled backwards. Be a GOOD BOY!


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OK now for me this is the kicker, today’s science the solar system we are in travels at 5000 mph around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy for the whole Universe rotates.  Moving at this rate of speed it takes us 200 to 250 million years for one complete rotation know as a Cosmic Year.  So my question is, what time is it?  From the Mayan’s, the transformation of consciousness is a birthing process. In human life, a birth takes nine months. In cosmic life, it can take decades and even hundreds or thousands of years.

Solar calendars do not account for the natural birth and death cycles of the cosmos and planet. They are typically and solely used to repress our innate ability to synchronize with the subtle energies.  But taking the Mayan calendars literally, one-by-one, is as dangerous as fundamentalists taking the bible literally. You must be able to understand all the cycles and their overlapping implications, and piece them together as you would a puzzle, to interpret the whole message. Both the geometry and hidden intent are sacred and important to interpreting and predicting the events of the past, present and future.

However, what the upcoming 2012 shift is all about is a “new paradigm”; one that is meant to move us out of the “Wars of Gods and Men” (Sitchin) – which have had a debilitating effect on the planet as a result of the power structure that evolved nearly 3,000 years ago, and which grew to favor left-brained “male” consciousness over right-brained female consciousness. The 2012 shift is meant to transform human conscious into one that is more equitable and balanced, and one that will birth a new consciousness in regard to the Earth and life. In essence, we will be moving into a consciousness of universal life, and out of the morbid obsessive consciousness of universal death.  Now that’s a relief!  🙂 

Mayan Evolution 

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Robbie Robertson: Unbound

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Recognizing That We Are All Buddhas: The Path To Fearlessness

Most of us were good at playing games of pretend as children and as adults, that skill can be harnessed to take powerful leaps in consciousness. Just as we can suspend our disbelief as we watch a movie and enter the lives of characters as real people, we can suspend our disbelief by putting on hold our view of a sullied world full of bad people and enter a new “movie” filled with pure beings. The “game” I describe here is the Buddhist practice of pure view in which we use all of our imaginative faculties to help us let go of distorted thinking and perceive something closer to the truth of how things actually exist. In a sense, we “pretend” the truth until we can fully live it.

Normally we see the world through our false projections. These feel true because they are familiar, but they are actually distortions born of conditioning and negative habits of mind. Such projections are not indications of anything fundamentally wrong with us — they are just part of being human. We have survival instincts that bring up fear and confusion, and this gets in the way of clear seeing. Especially when things seem ominous and frightening — either personally or collectively — our fear can drain us of our power to shift things in a more wholesome, satisfying direction. Practicing pure view is a way of investigating the truth of our fearful projections and trying on another way of seeing the world.

So what exactly is pure view? In its simplest form, pure view means seeing the world as pure. To practice, We take this attitude while doing ordinary activities:

    • All beings are Buddhas, here to guide us to our fullest spiritual potential.
  • All situations and environments are pure in that they are perfectly set up to awaken our hearts and our wisdom.

If you are uncomfortable with perceiving beings as Buddhas, it’s fine to use whatever symbol of purity touches you. For example, you can think of all beings as saints. Those who are obviously loving and wise are easy to see this way. But pure view means we also see those who are difficult or even violent as Buddhas and saints: They present fierce, distorted faces in order to awaken our wisdom and compassion. They also help us develop skillful means for dealing with all the energies of creation.

One great example of pure view was demonstrated by Julio Diaz when he was mugged in a New York subway station. When a young man pulled a knife and demanded his wallet, Julio offered his coat as well, and then offered to take the mugger to dinner. (Listen to Julio powerfully tell his story in his own voice.) What allowed Julio to see through his fear to the purity and potential for goodness behind the mugger’s behavior? It’s clear that he had been practicing such an attitude for a long time and under stress, it was automatic for him. His attitude alone turned the subway incident from just another case of violence into a profound moment of change for a confused young man. It also gave Julio a power more potent than weapons and the instinctive reactions born of fear: He turned this situation around using nothing but his compassionate attitude.

Julio’s action was advanced, so please don’t think you have to start with a mugger. Rather, begin by trying this attitude on in a situation when your fear isn’t triggered and you’re feeling relatively neutral. You can play this game in line at the grocery store, while you’re at work, or in your own home:

    • Look at those around you as Buddhas or saints disguised as ordinary humans, here to guide you and bring you to Buddhahood (or sainthood).
    • Now play it out. How do you treat them when you think of them this way? What happens when you open to them, when you are receptive to what they can teach you, when you recognize and let go of your judgments and assumptions through this game of pretend?

          Begin with neutral people, with those you respect, those you love, and finally with those who are difficult for you. Pretend the way you did as a child — using all of your imaginative faculties — until you truly see them as saints in disguise. Remember that it is not necessary to

believe any of this to be true, but only to preten it is true and use it as a lens through which to look at the world. To be effective practice, your pretend can’t be lukewarm:

You need to suspend your disbelief as thoroughly as you do when watching a good movie and really let your imagination do its work. Muggers or saints? It’s up to each of us to choose the movie we want to live.

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Thank You For Saving Me

Part 2 of a 3 pt. series (pt.1 Heroin Grip, pt.3 Good Bye My Broken Sunday)


Is the theory (originating with Aristotle (322 BC) that all things are a combination of matter and form.

Aristotle was one of the first ancient writers to approach the subject of life in a scientific way. Biology was one of his main interests, and there is extensive biological material in his extant writings. According to him, all things in the material universe have both matter and form.

The form of a living thing is its soul (Greek ‘psyche’, Latin ‘anima’).

There are three kinds of souls: the ‘vegetative soul’ of plants, which causes them to grow and decay and nourish themselves, but does not cause motion and sensation; the ‘animal soul’ which causes animals to move and feel; and the rational soul which is the source of consciousness and reasoning which (Aristotle believed) is found only in man.

Each higher soul has all the attributes of the lower one. Aristotle believed that while matter can exist without form, form cannot exist without matter, and therefore the soul cannot exist without the body.