Cyndi Lauper & Sarah McLachlan -Time After Time

The thing here about music especially in this song the tune can have many meanings through several individuals Mark Knopfler at one time spoke of this. He mentioned a person made a comment about one of his songs where as the meaning of the song meant entirely something different then Knopfler wrote but the meaning to the individual was far greater than his meaning in the song .

Knopfler said at this point he does not own the music any more if someone comes away with more feelings than he intended for himself. Like a picture is worth a thousand words music can have a thousand meanings. In this song by Cyndi Lauper all of us can relate to someone who this song speaks of and the feeling is deep.

For if you were in love,departed,lost,longing for,waiting,worried,anticipating the return of that person this song explains it to a T. Myself I can think of many occasions how about you?

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Cyndi Lauper – Boy Blue

This has to be her best performance you can feel this:

Here’s the lyrics to the song and whats up Cyndi?

“Boy Blue”

You never knew yourself well enough
But she never knew you at all
And when she put you out on your own
It may have stolen your innocence
But not your soul

Tell me where is little boy blue
You’ll find him standing always
One step ahead
Fast a little, shy a little, boy blue
Wise blood runs warms and deep
On the street
… Kids walking, just a kid walking

You send a letter with photographs
And I’ll tuck them under my dreams
And if we wake up old beyond our years
Not quite as brave as we seem
It’s just the pain that never disappears

Tell me where is boy blue
You’ll find him standing always one step ahead…

Dance a little, cry a little…

Where are you boy blue
Where are you…

It’s not surprising, though, given she has five major projects on the boil, and that’s not including being a mother.
“If I was an octopus, I would be doing really good,” Lauper, 57, laughs.
Her busy start to 2011 includes writing for the Broadway musical Kinky Boots, finishing her autobiography, producing a live DVD and album, with two new songs, and she is touring as well.
“This year I’ve got Kinky Boots going into workshop; the autobiography will be wrapping up; the DVD and CD I have to send to the edit,” she said, rattling off her list of things she has to complete for the year.
“What else? I don’t know. I can’t even see past that. That’s a lot. And we are going to go on tour.”
Lauper’s tour will bring the singer to Australia from March.
She is scheduled to play Brisbane’s QPAC on March 28 as part of her tour for the new album,Memphis Blues, on which she covers such classics as Just Your FoolEarly In The Morning,Crossroads and Don’t Bother Me.
She will bring a full crew of musicians with her, including legendary bandleader Charlie Musselwhite.
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All through the night

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Blue Angel

Man she has a pair of lunges

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