Dec 2012 Countdown The End?

Roman Colosseum

Well from this post date,  we have till sunrise (a new era) and from looking at the way the Earth has been responding lately one would think something is up!  Lot to look at from a science and religion standpoint and much is here just in this blog site you read,  which I would like to thank you once again if I don’t get the chance later.  There has been over 160 predictions that the world will end as far back to 389 BC, some Romans believed that the mystical number revealed to Romulus represented the number of days in a year, so they expected Rome to be destroyed around 365, 389 BC.  Now if Dec. 21st 2012 is not enough to shock you how about the year 2280, we skipped a couple but here it is,  according to Rashad Khalifa’s research on the Quran Code,  the world will end in this year.

OK your still not scared,  so now not any of us are around from this era and it goes on!   The year 500,000,000 James Kasting,  the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will drop, making Earth uninhabitable.

The year 5,000,000,000 the end of our Sun’s current phase of development,  after which it will swell into a red giant,  either swallowing the Earth or at least completely scorching it.  It is widely accepted by the scientific community that the earth will be destroyed around this time. However,  as the Sun grows gradually hotter (over millions of years),  the Earth may become too hot for life in only a billion years’ time.

Holy mother at this date what will be around?  10 to the power of 100,  that is the number 10 followed by 100 zeros, man that’s out there!  So here it is, various scientists say the heat death of the universe is a suggested ultimate fate of the universe,  in which the universe has diminished to a state of no thermodynamic free energy and therefore can no longer sustain motion or life.

I had a conversation with a Vietnam Vet the other day and we were talking of this same subject.  He mention one night while he was on guard duty  at the base and where Jeane Dixon  psychic predicted, (Feb 4 1962)   planetary alignment on this day was to bring destruction to the world.   Now from the Vet’s understanding the end time was to arrive at midnight,  the other solider that night on duty with him was nervous as hell as he describe.  Well 5 mins. after midnight came and went and the two of them were still at the gate.  But he looked at the other guard and said,  “I wonder what time zone Jeane Dixon was speaking of ?”  He said the guard just said Oh Shit!

Mayan Temple with blue moon

So what time zone is all this supposed to happen (CST) Guatemala the site of the Mayan Temple in Tikal at sunrise 7:13 AM.  Local guides are expecting a rush of visitors this week and the Guatemalan government forecasts a record 235,000 foreign tourists for December.  Hotels in Tikal are fully booked, that’s going to be some party!

Now I will say this and sadly I write, many in the past years have seen the end to their life from Earth quakes,  Volcanoes,  Tsunami, Hurricanes,  Tornadoes,  Floods,  Heat and Cold the Earth is changing and has been doing so for 4.5 billion years.  Many species along with humans have come and gone.


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The Beauty in it all, a new beginning

Novum Initium New Beginning

The planet is an unbelievable force and at times it feels she has no mercy for what is in its path,  I guess this is why we keep coming up with an end date.  With all the millions of species on the planet you know we are connected in some way along with Earth and the Cosmos.  Here something you may not of known,  two National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) space weather satellites monitoring the Earth’s geomagnetic field (magnetic field) also displayed a significant spike at the time of the September 11th attack (15 min after the first plane stuck  9am ET) and for several days thereafter,  indicating the stress wave possibly caused by mass human emotion created modulations in the geomagnetic field.  Is that even possible that our thoughts and feelings effect the planet,  as you feel something is coming or going to happen?   Would make sense for everything around us comes from the heavens so why would we not be connected,  we’re not alone.

Diagram geosynchronous

Life on the planet is like a roller coaster ride,  up and down.  Seems we have been in a down turn for quite some time and a shift of ages is about to take an up swing.  Many Astrologers believe that the Mayans were predicting this shift on the end date of 2012,  a collective consciousness.  This is somethings you feel,  more than think about and if that is true it’s like a mood swing which all humans and animals experience,  quite possibly every living thing for that matter.  Like the moon has an effect on the oceans tide and also making the rotation of the Earth more stable,  the Sun giving light and warmth allowing all plants to grow and like when it’s cloudy for days on end you say to yourself,  I wish the Sun would shine.  So lets call this the collective,  for if it lives in Earth and within us you can be sure it’s in every thing through out the Cosmos.  For I know something and we are all tiered of war,  corruption,  starvation,  poverty,  hate.  All in all tiered of dysfunctional society that allows this to continue and just maybe this state of consciousness is on the way out.  The only people who would not want to see this is the ones who have profited from this dark age,  but you know something and Spock was right,  the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few or the one.

Live long and prosper.  I’ll be back on the 22nd,  for we have to mop up to get this going in the right direction.

Merry Christmas to you from Earth!  (She does Care and it shows)Earth from Space by NASA she knows were here

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