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They leaked what!

The Heads of State are in panic mode, what better time to write on our direction as a society and all the drama seasoned into the events from Heads of State around the world.  The event’s from 9/11 on this 15th anniversary keep unfolding, where as the ruling class is eating their own, a panic mode. What’s unfolding on many levels from banking, government, corporations and the tie to economics we experience too many loop holes and lies.

War:  If the Central Banks don’t get WWIII the debt can’t be reset, they’re broke, (QE) over leveraged, negative rates are quick sand for bonds.  Given that China, Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa have just joined together to create a $100 billion bank based in China, and that more trades are being settled in Yuan or Rubles instead of dollars the currency war is heating up.

Election:  If the proper person is not elected, I mean placed for the oligarchs, they’re going to jail. Some have went already.

Market:  From all the market manipulation at this point if you don’t hold physical gold the paper scheme created is a sham.  Deutsche Bank can’t deliver request.  Markets don’t like uncertainty linked to unpleasant surprises.

Allies:  This is the biggest shift almost like a pole reversal, the Western elites have painted themselves in a corner like the Three Stooges.  Larry Summers comments on this, “The U.S. has forced allies to make a choice between ourselves and China, and has ended up losing almost everybody.”

Corporations:  They’re in a minefield where they might not get out in one piece.

So on this 9/11 anniversary, the human experience created by the ruling class is in panic mode, watch them eat their own, cuz there’s nothing left!  We have a front row seat at Bozo’s Circus, go get that large Pop Corn, Snow-Caps and a drink as Mr. Ed goes into the Lion’s cage.

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17 Big Banks Sued over Bad Mortgage Bonds

A dozen big banks face being sued for billions of dollars by the American government agency that oversees US mortgage markets.

From Sky News:

According to The New York Times, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is preparing to file lawsuits against banks including JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank, accusing them of misrepresenting the quality of their mortgage packages.

The organisation that supervises mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac says that the banks wrongly bundled up and sold mortgages to investors during the housing bubble of 2006-2007.

The Times says three individuals have been briefed on the cases, which stem from orders the finance agency issued to the banks last year.

The American government is seeking billions of dollars in compensation, claiming that the banks failed to perform correctly and overlooked that borrowers’ were taking on mortgages that they could not afford.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lost over $30 billion when the housing bubble burst in 2008.

Some of those losses, were a result of the mortgage-backed securities the companies had bought and taxpayers’ were subsequently hit with the bill.

In July, the FHFA sued UBS to recoup $900m of  taxpayers’ money, a case which individuals expect the new action to follow in a similar way.

A spokesman for the FHFA said that the banks were not available for comment. (Oh gee I wonder why!)

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