The Orwellian World – Live Indoctrination


OK, now you’re going to know why our society is going to hell in a hand-basket or in this case a classroom, a political discussion in Orange Coast College class with professor Olga Perez-Stable Cox called Trump’s election an act of terrorism.  Well, it just so happens that the Democratic elite is creating a coup in Washington by blaming Russia, journalism, the Clintons, social media, FBI, CIA, and Trump for throwing the election.  The situation is so bad that 5 days ago the ODNI, headed by James Clapper said there was a lack of evidence the CIA could prove Russia hacked the presidential election.  With that the FBI backup Clapper on the claims, two days later they now claim Russia is at fault, you people are looking ridiculous, to say the least.

The control for power and endless war is consuming your own existence.  It’s evident now you’ll stop at nothing to keep your seat in office, first would be to throw the vote to the electoral, second, to kickoff WWIII, with the largest build up supporting NATO in 20 years.  Third, to crash the financial system if all else fails.  You folks, have worked hard for this moment in time for the last 100 years and to see it start to vanish under a wave like the Titanic, is a sinking feeling.  The time, money and effort of this climax is a wet dream, as the education indoctrination you’re trying to fill the young minds of this nation is the ultimate fail as we’ll witness in this video from a concerned student who is being threatened by the professor’s union.

First, I would walk out of the classroom, these poor kids paying for this transformation instead of education.  Second, these professors, were they raised from a petri dish?  For this is evidence today, the hardest part for these new professors archiving their Ph.D. is it scoops out common sense.

Joshua Recalde

College Student Threatened

“The unions are acting like thugs, like bullies themselves,” said attorney Shawn Steel.  This type of tactic is normal when to cover an agenda that only services a closed group, outsiders must be silenced in order for the regime to be successful.  This is blow-back, design to spook and\or threaten an individual or group, to make one look worse than the perpetrator.  You know what I mean, Black Swan, False Flag, Fake News, Conspiracy and all the clever phraseology and maneuvers to cover one’s ass.  But seriously, Try Not to Suck!

411 TRUTH  (I’ll bet you cupcakes don’t like that channel name)

Update 8/20/17 yep, I was right, channel deleted. Thanks for this, it chimes in perfectly with the article.  It’s hard to come up with material.


2016 Happy Halloween – Time Enough?


The Neocons are running out of time

I was going to do a post on the crazed clowns but that only seems to be an injection for a conditioning of society to spark fear and that wouldn’t surprise me if the clowns in Washington were behind that as another dysfunctional apparatus placed in society.  There is already a cure for this, an anonymous man in Britain dressing up as Batman to fight off ‘killer clowns,’ after the craze led to a series of injuries and seriously scared children.  So this will catch on and you better dump the clown suit, Bozo!

Moving onto a real thriller, we’re getting closer to all-out war with Russia?  For this year’s Halloween we’ll look at the drama the Neocons are creating for the world, WWIII now that’s scary!  If and when this might get kicked off would be a complete destruction of many cities around the world.  We even have Pakistan and India with nuke weapons and their most violent outbreaks came in 1947–48, 1965, and 1971.  Then we have North Korea claims to have conducted its first H-bomb test on 5 January 2016. Today we have North Korea’s deputy ambassador to Britain defected to South Korea in July infuriating Kim, who holds Kung Sok-Ung responsible which was purged from duty and sent to a  farm somewhere in the country’s vast countryside.  Kim is growing increasingly suspicious of his party officials amid rising opposition to his control and so is North Korea’s younger adults unsettled. Pyongyang carried out its fifth and largest nuclear test of  ballistic missiles in September, increasing tensions between the U.S. and North Korea, along with threats to the UK  for Britain is scheduled to carry out its first joint air operations with the US and South Korea!

Israel has developed nuclear weapons, with rudimentary but deliverable, nuclear weapons available as early as 1967.  According to the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Federation of American Scientists, Israel likely possesses around 75–200 nuclear weapons.  Have the Palestinians and Israel ever got along and who else has Israel pissed off?

Now looking at Russia, China, NATO and the US, it seems that negotiations have fallen through the cracks and the nations are just beefing up all military capability and exercises of joint operation on an even higher level and partnership.  The Neocon machine is at full steam and salivating for a WWIII. This is the only process to reset the banks and shelve the debt created because the profits of war are many, history repeating itself once again.  Furthermore, if the Neocons don’t get their puppet in the US office this election, well like a spoiled brat what happens to the board game when playing?  That’s right, he or she will flip the game board and the pieces scatter all over the table, how much time do we have?  Time enough to relies that this is the worst decision any nation could make as your life would be lived as a Mole, best case scenario.


Nobody is This Stupid Right?

Are Russia and the United States on the verge of nuclear war?  A recent test by the US in the Nevada desert pushes the envelope.

Boiling Frogs Post

Trick or Treat!


We’re all tiered of war and the threat of nuclear war, the Neocons are on the way out!

The US Peace Council is a firm advocate of the United Nations Charter (UN) with deep respect of sovereignty for all countries.  Bringing light and understanding of the conflict in Syria which is not a civil war!  The outside forces (terror groups) are the ones supported by the U.S. government, imposing sanctions and dividing the Syrian country.  This is an illegal activity against the Syrian people, bottom line this is international war crimes, against humanity.

This delegation consists of the following:

H.E. Bashar Ja’afari, Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic
Alfred Marder, President of the US Peace Council
Mary Compton, Member of the Executive Board of the US Peace Council
Henry Lowendorf, Member of the Executive Board of the US Peace Council, Head of the Syria Delegation
Joe Jamison, Member of the Executive Board of the US Peace Council, Member of the Syria Delegation
Madelyn Hoffman, Executive Director of New Jersey Peace Action, Member of the Syria Delegation
Donna Nassor, Professor and Lawyer also part of US Peace Council

Thanks AL, that’s him in the thumbnail, GOD’S Speed Sir!

thewallwillfall (Vanessa Beeley)

Syrians onutub

There’s still Time

Got some Time

Got some Time

I think the central  Ukrainian people (updates) have just showed the world when people have had enough of corruption.  With that the world is also watching how strings get pulled by Russia, EU, U.S. and the people of Ukraine want it of their own.  I hope for them that it don’t turn into a Syria and that they can manage their finances, understand the country needs about 35 billion for the next 2 years to get by.  The U.S. offered 1 billion and how is that?  We’re broke and Russia said it would this week unblock the next payment of a promised $15 billion credit for Ukraine that it had earlier frozen because of the political disarray in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.  European Commissioner for Monetary and Economic Affairs, Olli Rehn, said at the meeting of G20 finance ministers in Sydney on Sunday (23.02.2014), that financial support in the billions of euros was under consideration, not just hundreds of millions.  So who will Ukraine work with and under what conditions?

Wow, what a big change coming for the people of the Ukraine and R.I.P. of those who have died in this clash of times, all because of some Jack Wagons.  Many countries around the globe are experiencing similar conflicts with their government and taking it to the streets.  Seems like the same will happen for America as time rolls on for this country, it’s at an all time low for support of the government, gee I wonder why?  You know something when looking at a country do not judge it by its government,  that’s like judging a book by its cover.  You have to look at the real people,  the ones who bust their ass for friends and family,  not the ones involved with corrupted business, politicians, law enforcement or any public official for that matter.  This is only a handful of people, that really doesn’t represent the people of a country,  just ask the Ukraine’s.

For every society around the globe there is still time to make this right, time is on your side for the simple reason younger generations get this, what is true and it’s because of you and me.

In 3 minutes what happen America?

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12 Year Old Girl

What is wrong with the world these days?  Listen to what she says and she is only 12 years old.  We are the change we wish to see, get your feet wet, roam around the Ship’s deck and welcome aboard!  This is simple and we all love something, we just need to come together on some basic human rights and needs and we’re in this together.  So for the ones around you who don’t feel this simple balance, walk away from them, stick your finger down your throat and give’em the “Green Weenie”.


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What Should Be Done?

So in your own mind and I’m talking only to the good people of the world I could care less of the ones who put a hurting onto the public, we’ll deal with you when the time comes and believe you me, that will be our call as it has in the past, reason being of sons and daughters.  This tune off the album Look at Yourself and I’ll ask, what do you see for you and your family and friends?  Help is there when you care and comes in all sizes and when you go to stack that up, something is gonna come down.

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Meteorite wreaks havoc in Russia’s Urals

meteorite over Russia


It’s not been quite average morning in Russia.  People in the Urals region have seen burning objects raining down from the sky after a meteorite exploded above the Earth.  If you ever wonder what the dinosaurs saw on the day of impact well here ya go.   People are just driving into work and all of a sudden a massive flash in the sky,  brighter than the sun and an explosion sounding off you might think are we under attack?  Around 950 people have sought medical attention in Chelyabinsk alone because of the disaster, Army units found three meteorite debris impact sites, two of which are in an area near Chebarkul Lake, west of Chelyabinsk. The third site was found some 80 kilometers further to the northwest, near the town of Zlatoust. One of the fragments that struck near Chebarkul left a crater six meters in diameter.  According to estimates by the Russian Academy of Sciences, the space object weighed about 10 tons before entering Earth’s atmosphere.  Chelyabinsk administration’s website said nearly 3,000 buildings were damaged to varying extents by the meteor shower in the city, including 34 medical facilities and 361 schools and kindergartens.  The total amount of window glass shattered amounts to 100,000 square meters.

NASA scientists said that the incident is not connected to  the approach of 2012 DA14, which measures 45 to 95 meters in diameter and will be passing by Earth tonight at around 19:25 GMT, at the record close distance of 27,000 kilometers (16,777 miles).

Video uploaded by U Tube user Андрей Борисович Королев  (Un Frickin Real!)

More Footage

Video uploaded by RussiaToday

Some Pics

meteorite over Russia 2

What the hell!

meteorite over Russia 3

You cannot see! White Hot!

meteorite over Russia 4

Separation Wow!

meteorite over Russia 1

Out of this world

meteorite over Russia 5

Far right still flying

meteorite debris impact site

Impact site Chebarkul Lake

Bearing Sea and North Sea

The Bering Sea, from our TV program Deadliest Catch you got to see some great footage of the Bering Sea.  Also Russia and the US share the waters of the Bearing Sea where as for the landings from Alaskan waters represents half the U.S. catch of fish and shellfish.  Commercial fisheries catch approximately $1 billion worth of seafood annually,  while Russian Bering Sea fisheries are worth approximately $600 million annually.

From Wikipedia:

The Bering Sea supports many species of fish. Some species of fish support large and valuable commercial fisheries. Commercial fish species include 6 species of Pacific Salmon, Alaska Pollock, Red King Crab,Pacific cod, Pacific halibut, Yellowfin Sole, Pacific ocean perch and sablefish.

The Bering Sea ecosystem includes resources within the jurisdiction of the United States and Russia, as well as international waters in the middle of the sea (known as the “Donut Hole”). The interaction between currents, sea ice, and weather make for a vigorous and productive ecosystem.


Fish variation is high, and at least 419 species of fish have been reported from the Bering Sea.  The Bering Sea is home to some of the world’s most interesting wildlife.  This sea supports many endangered whale species including Bowhead Whale, Blue Whale, Fin Whale, Sei Whale, Humpback Whale, Sperm Whale and the rarest in the world, the North Pacific Right Whale.  Other marine mammals include walrus, Steller Sea Lion, Northern Fur Seal, Beluga, Orca and Polar Bear.  The Bering Sea is very important to the seabirds of the world. Over 30 species of seabirds and approximately 20 million individuals breed in the Bering Sea region.


Most scientists believe that during the most recent ice age, sea level was low enough to allow humans and other animals to migrate on foot from Asia to North America across what is now the Bering Strait.  This is commonly referred to as the “Bering land bridge” and is believed by some though not all to be the first point of entry of  humans into the Americas.

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North Sea

Historically, the North Sea has featured prominently in geopolitical and military affairs, particularly in Northern Europe but also globally through the power northern European actors projected worldwide during much of the Middle Ages and modern era.  The North Sea was the centre of the Vikings’ rise and subsequently, the Hanseatic League, the Netherlands, and the British each sought to dominate the North Sea and through it to control access to the markets and resources of the world.  As Germany’s only outlet to the ocean, the North Sea continued to be strategically important through both World Wars.


Due to the heavy human populations and high level of industrialization along its shores, the wildlife of the North Sea has suffered from pollution, overhunting, and overfishing. Flamingos, pelicans, and Great Auk were once found along the southern shores of the North Sea, but went extinct over the 2nd millennium.  Gray whale also resided in the North Sea but were driven to extinction in the Atlantic in the 17th century Other species have dramatically declined in population, though they are still found. Right whales, sturgeon, shad, rays, skates,salmon, and other species were common in the North Sea until the 20th century, when numbers declined due to over-fishing.  Other factors like the introduction of non-indigenous species, industrial and agricultural pollution, trawling and dredging, human-induced eutrophication, construction on coastal breeding and feeding grounds, sand and gravel extraction,offshore construction, and heavy shipping traffic have also contributed to the decline. 

The OSPAR commission manages the OSPAR convention to counteract the harmful effects of human activity on wildlife in the North Sea, preserve endangered species, and provide environmental protection.  All North Sea border states are signatories of the MARPOL 73/78 Accords, which preserve the marine environment by preventing pollution from ships.  Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands also have a trilateral agreement for the protection of the Wadden Sea, or mudflats, which run along the coasts of the three countries on the southern edge of the North Sea.

Oil and gas

As early as 1859, oil was discovered in onshore areas around the North Sea and natural gas as early as 1910.  Although the production costs are relatively high, the quality of the oil, the political stability of the region, and the nearness of important markets in western Europe has made the North Sea an important oil-producing region.  The largest single humanitarian catastrophe in the North Sea oil industry was the destruction of the offshore oil platform Piper Alpha in 1988 in which 167 people lost their lives.

Besides the Ekofisk oil field, the Statfjord oil field is also notable as it was the cause of the first pipeline to span the Norwegian trench.  The largest natural gas field in the North Sea, Troll gas field, lies in the Norwegian trench dropping over 300 metres (980 ft) requiring the construction of the enormous Troll A platform to access it.

The price of Brent Crude, one of the first types of oil extracted from the North Sea, is used today as a standard price for comparison for crude oil from the rest of the world.  The North Sea contains western Europe’s largest oil and natural gas reserves and is one of the world’s key non-OPEC producing regions.

The North Sea is Europe’s main fishery accounting for over 5% of international commercial fish caught.  Fishing in the North Sea is concentrated in the southern part of the coastal waters. The main method of fishing is trawling.  In 1995, the total volume of fish and shellfish caught in the North Sea was approximately 3.5 million tonnes.  Besides fish, it is estimated that one million tonnes of unmarketable by-catch is caught and discarded each year.

In recent decades, over-fishing has left many fisheries unproductive, disturbing marine food chain dynamics and costing jobs in the fishing industry.  Herring, cod and place fisheries may soon face the same plight as mackerel fishing, which ceased in the 1970s due to over-fishing.   The objective of the European Union Common Fisheries Policy is to minimize the environmental impact associated with resource use by reducing fish discards, increasing productivity of fisheries, stabilising markets of fisheries and fish processing.

Major features:

For the most part, the sea lies on the European continental shelf with a mean depth of 90 metres (300 ft).  The only exception is the Norwegian trench, which extends parallel to the Norwegian shoreline from Oslo to an area north of Bergen.  It is between 20 and 30 kilometres (12 and 19 mi) wide and has a maximum depth of 725 metres (2,379 ft).

The Dogger Bank, a vast moraine, or accumulation of unconsolidated glacial debris, rises to a mere 15 to 30 metres (50–100 ft) below the surface.  This feature has produced the finest fishing location of the North Sea.  The Long Forties and the Broad Fourteens are large areas with roughly uniform depth in fathoms, (forty fathoms and fourteen fathoms or 73 and 26 m deep respectively). These great banks and others make the North Sea particularly hazardous to navigate, which has been alleviated by the implementation of satellite navigation systems.  The Devil’s Hole lies 200 miles (320 km) east of Dundee, Scotland.  The feature is a series of asymmetrical trenches between 20 and 30 kilometres (12 and 19 mi) long, 1 and 2 kilometres (0.62 and 1.2 mi) wide and up to 230 metres (750 ft) deep.

Fish and shellfish:

Copepods and other zooplankton are plentiful in the North Sea. These tiny organisms are crucial elements of the food chain supporting many species of fish.  Over 230 species of fish live in the North Sea. Cod, haddock,whiting, saitheplaice, sole, mackerel, herring, poutingsprat, and sandeel are all very common and are fished commercially.  Due to the various depths of the North Sea trenches and differences in salinity, temperature, and water movement, some fish such as blue-mouth redfish and rabbitfish reside only in small areas of the North Sea.

Crustaceans are also commonly found throughout the sea. Norway lobster, deep-water prawns, and brown shrimp are all commercially fished, but other species of lobster, shrimp, oyster, mussels and clams all live in the North Sea. Recently non-indigenous species have become established including the Pacific oyster and Atlantic jackknife clam.

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This will be WWIII

Can’t leave well enough alone,  the super banks see a country getting ahead with out their money because Iran has its own central bank and much oil reserves.  Boom destabilize the country,  piss every body off and you have a War, perfect.  I’ll tell ya this will be WWIII for the simple reason China and Russia will get involved for they have a stake in the oil also.  No other reason for this, I don’t back it.  What remains today in the reserves of the oil the planet has left leaves the banks who do run the show are salivating for what is left.  Your witnessing history, always enjoy the show,  now that’s fricked up.

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So with the collapse of world economy because the Euro is toast and what did you think this is all an accident? Once again with a watch there is a watch maker.

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The Building of War!

A UN nuclear watchdog report suggests Iran could be developing a nuclear bomb, apparently confirming long-held suspicions in the West. But Tehran denies the claims, again insisting that its atomic intentions are peaceful.  Michel Chossudovsky, who’s from an independent Canadian policy research group, believes that what Iran says hardly matters, because the U.S. is planning for war!

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Moscow’s warned Washington against striking Iran. Russia’s chief-of-staff revealed on Wednesday the U.S. could attack Iran after wrapping up its campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. He claimed his American counterpart had told him about the possibility. In an exclusive interview to RT, General Nikolai Makarov outlined Moscow’s concerns.

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Iran has successfully test-fired two long-range missiles on the last day of major naval exercises in the international waters of the Persian Gulf.  This comes amid mounting Western pressure on the country over its nuclear ambitions. Tehran says it’s ready to counter any attack by enemies like Israel or the United States.

Iran has also angrily reacted to new U.S. sanctions targeting its central bank and financial sector.  It has been threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz – the world’s most important oil export route linking the Persian Gulf to the Indian Ocean.  Meanwhile the EU is mulling an embargo on the purchase of Iranian oil, and a decision on that is expected before the end of the month. Seyed Mohammad Marandi from the University of Tehran says US has imposed sanctions against Iran because Tehran opposes American hegemony.

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Iran’s navy said Sunday it test-fired an advanced surface-to-air missile during a drill in international waters near the strategic Strait of Hormuz, the passageway for one-sixth of the world’s oil supply.
Iran’s state TV said the missile, named Mehrab, or Altar, is designed to evade radar and was developed by Iranian scientists.  The report said the missile was tested Sunday but provided no further details.
A leading Iranian lawmaker said the sea maneuvers serve as practice for closing the Strait of Hormuz if the West blocks Iran’s oil sales.

After top Iranian officials made the same threat a week ago, military commanders emphasized that Iran has no intention of blocking the waterway now.
The exercise covers a 1,250-mile (2,000-kilometer) stretch of water beyond the Strait of Hormuz, including parts of the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden.

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Alexander Cherepanov- Recollection

From Russia in eastern Siberia in the city of Chita and we have some viewers here from Russia, introducing your native son Alexander Cherepanov.

Chita City Info:

Chita (52 degrees of northern latitude, 113 degrees of eastern longitude), a regional center, is located to the east from Baikal lake, in the south-east corner of Siberia on the border with Mongolia and China. The distance from Moscow is approximately 6000 km (6 time-zones).

The population of Chita city was 367,500 in 1994. The area within city limits is 47,400 hectares; the area of Chita region is 431500 sq. km. The city is located at the inflow of Chita river into Ingoda river. Chita is a large transport center of the Trans-Siberian railroad. The city is known as a settlement Ingodinskoye Zimovie since 1653, as a town – since 1686. Today Chita is considered the capital of Transbaikalie – a region stretching southeast of Lake Baikal and covering a territory equal to France and Belgium added together.

Located at the confluence of the Chita and Ingoda rivers, the city is surrounded by beautiful forests. The famous mineral springs Darasun, Kuka and Molokovka are only several kilometers away from Chita and with a number of resorts and tourist camps built around them they attract people from all over Russia. For a time, closed to foreign visitors because of its proximity to the Chinese border and its military industry, Chita is now an attractive spot for those traveling on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Visit Alexander when your there in the mean time watch his U Tube channel MrALEXanderCHER