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This Skipper has been here for some time,  like 4.54 billion years + or –  0.05 billion.  We live for about 100 years and look at the changes you go through.  Between Earth’s Mantle, Tectonic Plates, Oceans, Seas, Rivers, Orbit, Atmosphere and the Cosmos them self delivering Asteroids,  this rock has been through a lot.   The planet has been a great time-keeper,  ice cores from the Arctic, soil samples from all around the world, boring samples from the ocean depths and drilling through the East Antarctic Ice Sheet to Lake Vostok 13,100 ft under the ice  that hasn’t been touched since the dinosaurs.

But one time-table which is just getting off the ground is humans, do we have an effect here?  The current biotic crisis  is being caused by technology and the effects may last for up to five million years.  In turn, technology may result in the extinction of humanity,  leaving the planet to gradually return to an equilibrium state.   Over time many millions of years celestial events have caused more chaos  then the humans but don’t count us out just yet.

From Wikipedia:

Humans now play a key role in the biosphere, with the large human population dominating many of Earth’s ecosystems.  This has resulted in a widespread, ongoing extinction of other species during the present geological epoch, now known as the Holocene extinction. The large-scale loss of species caused by human influence since the 1950s has been called a biotic crisis, with an estimated 10% of the total species lost as of 2007.  At current rates, about 30% of species are at risk of extinction in the next hundred years. 

The Holocene extinction event is the result of habitat destruction, the widespread distribution of invasive species, hunting, and climate change.  In the present day, human activity has had a significant impact on the surface of the planet. More than a third of the land surface has been modified by human actions, and humans use about 20% of global primary production.  The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased by close to 30% since the start of the Industrial Revolution.

Moving forward in time what will we be looking at?  Do we have time?

Years From Now

The face of the planet is ever-changing,  kind a like the way we change shoes.  600 million years ago you would have not recognized Earth,  for that matter 65 million years ago you’re not in the hood!  Seems that the waters are expanding and in this model it shows the next 100 million years.  Paleogeographic Views of Earth’s History provided by Ron Blakey, Professor of Geology, Northern Arizona University.

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With all the documentaries of planet shift, plate tectonics, climate change, weather and our thin atmosphere,  Earth wears harder than we do.   This is one tough rock and has no sense of time that’s a human thing.  Like sands drifting over the desert  the Earth’s hour-glass, we can only study the records and help.  The rest is up to the cosmos and planet itself.

Very true we need to be good Stewards of the land, the planet shows us the balance needed to sustain life.  When you’re not feeling good you get warning signs to what ails you so with all the monitoring we are doing on Earth she seems a little sick.  The violent storms cropping up like a bad cough, the sever flooding in many countries like a runny noise and massive drought climaxed to record wild fires (human study)  like heart burn.

There is a lot of pressure on the planet and we contribute to how Earth’s face looks.  More and more our studies show where we can help and how we can become more in balance with the scheme of things.  Already many human societies have come and gone, what’s always left behind?  There ya go,  Mother Earth.

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Building Our Own Future

April, 2010
As a part of the Earth Day (April 22nd) enlightenment movement, Howard Jones has teamed up with National Geographic Channel (Japan) and made their collaboration music video to send the message “Think the Earth environment”.

A story of Howard Jones:  (Think your environment)

“It was whilst they was selling fruit and veg off the back of a van that a runaway vehicle crashed into the van, injuring Jan. She wasn’t hurt badly, but Howard persuaded her to claim compensation.  She used the money to buy Howard a synthesizer. The Shop delivered two by mistake and Howard liked the combination of the two so much, that he paid for the extra one. The shop knows him as Honest Howard”!

Now that is a great start to an environment, thinking our actions toward  the right things has an effect on the environment,  so that’s the first move getting along.  Wow,  that’s the big one.

Howard Jones Site

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