Dire Straits – Telegraph Road Basel Switzerland 1992

Man this is a great live performance, I’ve seen him in concert but here in Switzerland there really on.

Video uploaded by U Tube user DogSwede1


Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing Basel Switzerland 1992

In Switzerland 1992 just might be his best live performance:

Musical style and equipment:

Mark Knopfler is left-handed, but plays right-handed, and fingerpicks (using a personal variant of the clawhammer style) instead of using a plectrum (i.e., pick). Fingerpicking is usually associated with the acoustic guitar, but Knopfler usually (though not always) plays an electric guitar. He revealed during a French interview that he uses a pick for his rhythm work during recording sessions. He surprised the interviewer by pulling a pick out of his pocket and saying that he usually carries one. He has long favoured Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster style guitars. Fender carries a Mark Knopfler Artist Series Stratocaster.  During the 1980s he came to appreciate the tone of the Gibson Les Paul and his original 1958 has been used regularly in the studio and on stage.


The Man is the Sultan of Swing

Knopfler has approximated that he now owns “around 70 guitars”.

They include:

  • Pensa Custom MKII A custom Pensa Guitar given to Knopfler by his friend, Rudy Pensa, in 2005.
  • Pensa custom-built solid body guitars, the model MK-1 MK-2 & MK-80, are named in honour of Knopfler.
  • Red-painted (Stratocaster style) Melancon Pro Artist.
  • Hofner V-2 (Mark’s first guitar)
  • Fender Stratocasters including a Fiesta Red ’62 and a 1954 sunburst (one of the first ever produced) which he has named “Jurassic Strat”
  • Gibson Les Paul Special (used in the 1970s)
  • National Tricone, from 1928
  • National Style O Resonator guitar, from 1937 as used on Romeo and Juliet“. A replica of which is now available from National Resophonic Guitars.
  • Fender 1952 Telecaster.
  • Burns Baldwin, 12-strings (Angel of Mercy, later used on the Get Lucky album)
  • Ovation Acoustic
  • Schecter Telecaster and Stratocaster models. (Used 1980-)
  • Rickenbacker 425 (Used on Portobello Belle, later on The Ragpicker’s Dream session)
  • Fernandes Stratocaster
  • Ovation Adams (Love Over Gold-session, later used on the Brothers in Arms-tour)
  • Gibson Chet Atkins (Love Over Gold album)
  • Erlewine Automatic (Industrial Disease)
  • C. F. Martin & Company Martin Acoustics, Model HD-40MK and 000-40S Mark Knopfler, he also used a Martin 00028 on “Brothers in Arms”.
  • Gibson SG (Two Young Lovers, Alchemy tour)
  • Gibson Les Pauls 3 models: 1984, 1958, 1959
  • Pensa-Suhr R Custom, Knopfler’s first Pensa. Used on the Brothers in Arms album (Ride Across the River and So far Away)
  • Gretsch (2 or 3 models): Super Chet and 6120 (Bought during 80’s, used on Knopfler’s solo album)
  • Steinberger GL2 (Brothers in Arms tour)
  • Beltona Electro Resonator
  • Flamed Pensa: 3 models, used the first in late 80’s
  • Gibson J45 (On Every Street album)
  • Gibson Super 400 (Used on the On Every Street session and tour)
  • Godin L.R. Baggs (Used by Phil Palmer and Mark Knpofler on the last DS tour)
  • Red Pensa (On Every Street tour)
  • Ramirez Spanish Guitar, used during and after the last DS-tour
  • Black Pensa-Suhr (Golden Heart session and tour)
  • Acoustic 12-string guitar (?) (Sailing to Philadelphia session)
  • Gibson ES-335
  • National Triplate, from 1930 (Shangri-La session-)
  • Danelectro Silvertone
  • Gibson Southerner
  • Fender Jazzmaster
  • Eko 700
  • Teisco Spectrum, 2 models
  • Danelectro 59 DC
  • Fender Duo Sonic 11 (Kill to Get Crimson Session)
  • Gibson Advanced Jumbo
  • Gibson ES-330
  • NS 14, Steve Phillips (Get Lucky session)
  • Monteleone Isabella
  • Don Grosh Electrajet
  • Gibson Dove                                         Video uploaded by U Tube user DogSwede1

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