New York Cops, Firefighters in Massive 911 Fraud

We do not forget our fellow man nor do we leave you behind

We do not forget our fellow-man nor do we leave you behind

That’s it!  This corruption crap that flows through this country of The United States has gone too far for too many years.  The story of the New York Cops and Firefighters is the most disgraceful honor the uniform has ever clothed.  All cops, agents, marshals, rangers, sheriffs, detectives, deputies, police, firefighters and your commanders from every agency in this country are going to snap to attention and start doing some housekeeping in each and every division.  The Code Blue on all officers makes all of you an accomplice to a crime of covering up your fellow officer.  Let me tell you, no one understands this more than me for the corruption I’ve experienced from the Sheriff’s Department in Mount Carroll Illinois, the Land of Oz associated with the Ex Chief of police in Mount Carroll Illinois and stems from Dixon Illinois along with Sterling Illinois.  In a nutshell these officials surrounded me and my ex-wife, who ended up controlling her with a substance and isolated her from friends and family to profit from forced prostitution, this crime is worse than the drugs themselves.

I’ll get into all this later with a full report which I sent to the FBI and The White House (in respect of “WE THE PEOPLE” of my country) of much information of my case.  For this dishonorable conduct of these individuals, who deserve to be removed from office and have their pensions striped from their soul and jailed.   Some people have to live in fear of such corruption, others like me “Mark Brewer” do not. Illinois government is in terrible shape, plagued by high levels of corruption through bodies that governors the law and too many decisions based on self-interest.  For I know in my own soul and mind justice gets served to the ones who put a hurting onto the public and think that their corrupted ring of attorneys, officials,  judges, doctors, coroner and other surrounding law enforcement personnel can protect them from the crimes they commit.  This is a ring of fire that burns the public.  One reminder here is a post that I pulled, for the FBI asked me to do so.  I’m always a gentleman first and give life a chance to come clean, that post was “I Think I can I Know I Will” which forced the Sheriff to pull his Facebook profile, wonder why?  You have raped my life, along with my ex-wife, for when you go to hide something it’s still there.  Pointing a finger at me to cover up your deception, when the reflection is you  in the mirror, yes Sir there’s the problem.   Today you’re on a different Ship, welcome on my deck Sir!  Northern Illinois Corruption,  Transparency in question of Amendments calls for Reform.

Transparency in Question of Amendments Calls for Reform

And now for something I hope you really like.

There is no greater obligation or responsibility of any government officer than to protect the rights of the people.  Thus, any conduct contrary to the United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence, or the Bill of Rights will be dealt with as criminal activity.  “True and only true definition of a republic, a government in which all men, rich and poor, magistrates and subjects, officers and people, masters and servants, the first citizen and the last, are equally subject to the laws”

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association  (CSPOA)

Cowboy Ethics

A Place of Remembrance

911 Memorial

911 Memorial

But the hell with all that right now, for this episode taking place in New York right now has just shoved a Big Fuck You up America’s ASS!  That cuts it, all bets are off, I’ll be happy to die for this and its open season on all this shit!  This is going to be for every soldier who fought and died (“I took an oath—and it’s the best oath I ever took. I’m at peace if I come back with parts of me missing.  And I’m at peace if I don’t come back at all.”) for the innocent who never had a chance and was murdered, R.I.P. and God’s speed to their families.

Long ago this country was formed by Pride, Respect and Honor these values are the core substance of society.  When one goes thinking outside the box of these values and convinces others to do the same, the journey is a dark narrow road.  Sure reward seems good at the time of cash in the pocket and how clever the team manipulated the system.  Wow what a rush, your brain is experiencing complete euphoria a reward region of the brain, ah but that’s as far as it goes, you now need to continue the high for the power and control is invigorating, you have just become an addict and menus to society.  Trouble follows this road, because you thought you could assemble a code of silence through other professionals who regulate laws and abuse this assembly of good conduct. You cup cakes are all bought and sold for the price of a dollar, this is a selfish act for personal gain, you could give a rat’s ass of The People and Country you serve, you took this Oath when you signed on and disgraced it.  So now the flood gates are a busted dam and all officers of all law enforcement who are hurting others, abusing  and leaching the system you can thank your fellow officers who took advantage of the 911 tragedy.  We The People have the 411 on this, no more!  You know what this is like, down in Georgia where the Fire Ant builds a mound 5 to 6ft high and you go to poke a stick in it, IT’S ON!

America has had enough, game over!  Hey look, it’s your Pals!  This is Code Red!  DEFCON 5!


Pension fraud investigation

911 Memorial 

Life is short memories are long, 911 First Responders 

Tool Box for Corruption

Video uploaded by U Tube user CBS This Morning

Staind – Not Again, Hey Boys remember this Riff?

Good Morning Cup Cakes!

Video uploaded by U Tube user StaindVideos

America is Dying Should You Care?

Clear, again Sir Do it!

Clear, again Sir? Do it!

This is important listen up, China has stopped buying U.S. Treasuries along with other countries and with that China and Japan are purchasing hard assets the country has left.   China’s Shuanghui International bought Smithfield  for $4.7 billion to feed a growing Chinese appetite for U.S. pork. Smithfield, founded in 1936 as a single meat-packing plant in Smithfield, Virginia.  Smithfield Foods is the largest pork producer and processor in the world.  It has facilities in 26 U.S. states and it employs tens of thousands of Americans.  It directly owns 460 farms and has contracts with approximately 2,100 others.  But now a Chinese company has bought it and that means that the Chinese will now be the most important employer in dozens of rural communities all over America.

In a deal announced on Monday to buy Beam Inc. for $16 billion, Suntory of Japan struck one of the biggest takeovers in the liquor business in years, transforming it into the third-largest distiller globally.  From Clermont, Kentucky It was one of the best-selling brands of bourbon in the world in 2008.  Since 1795, seven generations of the Beam family have been involved in whiskey production for the company that produces the brand, which was given the name “Jim Beam” in 1933 in honor of James B. Beam, who rebuilt the business after Prohibition ended.  Wall Street has been lobbying to allow China into make big takeovers so it can earn larger fees, “It’s a good deal for Beam shareholders,” said John Faucher, an analyst at JPMorgan Chase.  The Banksters care of one thing turning a buck, I’ll bet when the shit hits they already have residents elsewhere in the world other than the U.S.

When I was a boy and the time is 1969 it’s summer vacation, I’m working with my uncle Jim on his farm in Colchester Illinois had breakfast already so I’m down by the pond catching frogs for supper.  I see my uncle come out of the house and is heading for the barn, now that’s a little bit of a walk so I still got some time to stash my catch and see him up in the barn.  When I walked through the over head doors I see he’s by the baled up hay, his back is to me so I stop and wonder what he’s doing? He lifts one of the bales and pulls out a bottle  of “Jim Beam” (his favorite) takes a good snort full and while he’s putting on the bottle cap he turns and notices I’ve been watching, he says hey now, don’t you go tellin your Aunt Helen, or boy, you won’t be runnin  that tractor now.  Yes sir, I won’t say nothing, good boy, start that tractor up and get her outside.  To this day I never told her and they’re both gone now. (God rest their souls)  I respected that man, he taught me much and was always true and I’ll tell ya, he drank and smoked till he was 100.  He would raise his empty rock glass to me and say imagine that!  How about we take care of that, one ice-cube and pour it slowly over the ice.  Yes Sir.

Today I look at US and think what the fuck happened?  Men like my uncle Jim and others around me molded me into the man I am today, those Men are gone now but their instructions are etched in my brain and have branded my heart.  I know uncle Jim would be rolling over in his grave to know Japan owns Jim Beam today.  We’re selling out to the highest bidder and it only seems for personal gains and once again I’ll tell ya, it’s slowly killing all of US.  Some have asked me why do I care?  Had one of the detectives on the phone once why I was down in Arkansas after being nuked out of Lanark Illinois and during our little chat I said hey, I love you guys, his response was I don’t know what to think of that Brewer.  I replayed it’s not important what you think only important in what I know, well he hung up, that’s a usual response I get when dealing with me when you lie about me so here’s why, if you look down on your shoes right now I mean anybody at this point, what you see is the ground you stand on, this is home, I love home, You love home.  Home is the good earth and going to come a time when you’re gone from here and many of you have young ones that you brought into this world, what are you going to leave them with, money? You will find money is not your greatest achievement nor are the plaques of accomplishments, it’s formed by more of what you have done for any thing or anyone where self is not a factor, that only provides for existence.   One thing I have learned in life and no human taught me this, comes from the 40 years of training dogs which was how to be more humane than human, seems that I was in training.

America is eroding from within, from the damn drug wars to the corrupted banks, corrupted politicians along with officials, corporations only care for its shareholders, shooting in the schools, gangs on the streets and these little shits are tigers who have NO FEAR.  The family unit is dissolving at a rate of no return. I do not blame the gangs it’s all they got, no one was there to teach real values to put the fear into you when Mom would say, wait till your father gets home.  So as land and hard assets of the U.S. are being purchased by foreign countries and the petrodollar gets kick off the barrel of oil which in turn will turn off the Fed printing press, no more money.  Holy shit all we strived  for was the matrix of self and ended in a game of Russian Roulette.  What flag will your children be living under?  For when the dollar goes and it’s going to happen because Vladimir Putin is no pudding and China is ridding shotgun, India is going against sanctions put on Iran the whole Middle East is leaving the diet of the dollar.   I’m always willing to help, just my nature, invest in Rubles,Yuan and see if you can get your kids or the whole family for that matter over to Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Luxembourg, Norway, Canada, Netherlands and Denmark forget Japan because Fukushima is a fucking disaster.  I’m staying here to help of what’s going to be left, I’m use to squirrel meat and frog legs, the deer will go fast.

The Banksters are Jumping

Mark Brewer


Financial Meltdown

Won’t matter if the printing continues or stops, listen in with Greg Hunter of  USA interviewing author Jim Rogers with his recent book “Street Smart” a man who is keen on global finance.

From Greg Hunter:   Multi-millionaire investor Jim Rogers predicts, “They’re going to take money wherever they can. . . . They’re going to take our bank accounts and retirement accounts.” Rogers concludes by saying, “We’ve had perilous times, and it’s going to get worse. . . It’s coming, be worried, be careful.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jim Rogers, author of “Street Smarts, Adventures on the Road and in the Markets.”

Video uploaded by U Tube user Greg Hunter

As Good As It Gets – What If?


Video uploaded by U Tube citizen YoureAJagOff


4 responses to “New York Cops, Firefighters in Massive 911 Fraud

  1. Brewer, as this will incriminate you more than me if exposed to the public, I strongly advise you not to post.
    You just can’t seem to move on. You just can’t seem to let go. As I had mentioned prior, you should have taken the money years ago, but you denied the offer.
    You’ve gone too far Brewer. You’ve said too much.
    Due to the fact you’ve disclosed too much information that will be denied and unfounded by the “right authorities” in this region, the obedient pet has been punished due to you not adhering to our advice.
    Allow me to make this simple for you Brewer, if you don’t stop exposing this and a tragic event occurs to your ex wife, guess who will go down for it.
    No one here.
    Have a great life Brewer


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